Mbugua Ngunjiri

Micere Mugo's achievements were like 'the force of hurricanes'

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2023-07-02 15:27:46

In a poem titled Speaking of Hurricanes, the late Ama Ata Aidoo celebrates Prof Micere Mugo, somewhat equating her achievements and that of other African exiles, with the force of hurricanes.

The world will miss "fiery, intelligent" Prof Micere Mugo

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2023-07-08 08:59:40

She gave the KANU government so much grief that when she escaped into exile, in 1982, the government stripped her of Kenyan citizenship.

Golden opportunity for three emerging writers

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2023-07-13 13:33:30

All the applicants will automatically be entered into the 2023 ILS Fiction Contest and considered for publishing in Yolk and Fence magazines.

Poetry chose me, says 'Beautiful Mess' author

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2023-08-01 11:49:51

Moraa is among a growing list of young Kenyan writers who have decided to ‘take matters into their hands’ and go the self-publishing route and are not fazed by costs.

Publishers plot major treat for booklovers with Nairobi Fair

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2023-08-08 12:29:31

Book lovers will be happy to note that books will be selling at a 50 per cent discount. This is an offer not to be missed. Schools should particularly take up this very generous offer to stock up.

Why self-published writers are on the rise

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2023-08-15 04:38:08

Certain publishers, for their own reasons, reject otherwise good manuscripts leaving owners of manuscripts with no option but to self-publish their works.

Young talent proof we are not a literary desert

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2023-08-28 11:18:38

Not only does Nuria have the largest collection of locally authored books, but the bookseller also offers a wide range of services to authors, like connecting them with printers and designers.

Inama bookshops fuel piracy trend in Nairobi

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2023-09-25 22:12:11

“An author hopes to get something when the book sells. With piracy, every penny generated goes into the pocket of the criminal. In essence, people who buy pirated books are enabling criminality.”

Authors to showcase works at Nyrobi Book Fest

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2023-10-10 02:01:09

The Nyrobi Book Fest, now in its third year, is a platform where these authors will showcase what they have produced in the preceding year, in an intimate atmosphere, with their fans.

The book 'Sinners' mirrors day to day life

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2023-10-16 11:54:47

Reading through this book, Haluwa’s clever use of language comes to the fore; the vivid descriptions and the subtle use of humour.

Levi Kones offers life lessons to deportees

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2023-11-01 00:56:37

Many Kenyans will remember Kones as the guy who made headlines after he proposed to his girlfriend (now wife) on live TV, when he was in the cast of Citizen TV’s reality show, Slimpossible.

Affordable Art Show gives amateurs chance to shine

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2023-11-08 02:01:26

Good art has been likened to land; price appreciates with time. If, today, you buy a piece of art for say Sh100,000 and you wait for 10 years, it will have appreciated in value.

Muthaura's memoir a must read for the youth

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2023-11-15 09:57:42

It is both his story and the history of Kenya; it's a memoir, but also a practical political science tome; on another reckoning, a journey of a deceptively simple, quiet and humble civil servant.

Cocktails from the Savannah: A fascinating exploration of polygamy

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2023-11-23 16:26:55

The thoroughness of the writing and editing of this book puts to rest the oft-expressed fears about the quality of self-published books.

Awori delves into what ails leadership in Africa

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2023-11-30 11:55:45

A good leadership trait is the constant need to learn and improve. Manuals that seek to improve leadership skills are dime a dozen, but most tend to be round pegs in square holes, or vice versa.

Planned sale of KLB a boon to private educational publishers

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2023-12-04 04:49:24

This might come as a surprise but the rest of the publishers cannot wait to see the back of Sirkal, only they cannot say it aloud for that would be bad manners.

Nuria Bookstore deal with Naivas a boon for authors

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2023-12-06 14:04:59

Kenyan writers, who distribute their books through Nuria, have a more convenient outlet for their books. The Naivas chain of supermarkets has branches all over the country.

In Chained, Moraa brings to the fore the debate about abortion

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2023-12-11 11:07:37

Moraa’s story is a powerful reminder to the society that women’s reproductive health is a topic that needs to be addressed with the utmost urgency.

Gikuyu culture at crossroads over claims of extremism

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2023-12-17 11:48:46

The criminalisation of a people’s culture is inimical to national security. Criminals who hide behind culture should be arrested and arraigned before a court. Culture is innocent here.

Social media platforms open new markets for pubishers

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2024-01-04 13:37:18

What social media has done for books is a bit like what Equity Bank did for banking; reaching out to the unbanked, who in effect catapulted Equity to the top of the pile in local banking.