Mbugua Ngunjiri

Muthaura's memoir a must read for the youth

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2023-11-15 09:57:42

It is both his story and the history of Kenya; it's a memoir, but also a practical political science tome; on another reckoning, a journey of a deceptively simple, quiet and humble civil servant.

Cocktails from the Savannah: A fascinating exploration of polygamy

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2023-11-23 16:26:55

The thoroughness of the writing and editing of this book puts to rest the oft-expressed fears about the quality of self-published books.

Awori delves into what ails leadership in Africa

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2023-11-30 11:55:45

A good leadership trait is the constant need to learn and improve. Manuals that seek to improve leadership skills are dime a dozen, but most tend to be round pegs in square holes, or vice versa.

Planned sale of KLB a boon to private educational publishers

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2023-12-04 04:49:24

This might come as a surprise but the rest of the publishers cannot wait to see the back of Sirkal, only they cannot say it aloud for that would be bad manners.

Nuria Bookstore deal with Naivas a boon for authors

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2023-12-06 14:04:59

Kenyan writers, who distribute their books through Nuria, have a more convenient outlet for their books. The Naivas chain of supermarkets has branches all over the country.

In Chained, Moraa brings to the fore the debate about abortion

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2023-12-11 11:07:37

Moraa’s story is a powerful reminder to the society that women’s reproductive health is a topic that needs to be addressed with the utmost urgency.

Gikuyu culture at crossroads over claims of extremism

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2023-12-17 11:48:46

The criminalisation of a people’s culture is inimical to national security. Criminals who hide behind culture should be arrested and arraigned before a court. Culture is innocent here.

Social media platforms open new markets for pubishers

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2024-01-04 13:37:18

What social media has done for books is a bit like what Equity Bank did for banking; reaching out to the unbanked, who in effect catapulted Equity to the top of the pile in local banking.

Hop, Skip and Jump: Book shows why kids' views matter in crisis

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2024-03-08 15:29:44

Anyone who attended the Hop Skip and Jump book launch at the Alliance Française, last Saturday, will attest to the fact that the Nairobi literary scene is alive and well.

Henry Chakava: Whence comes another like him?

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2024-03-15 15:13:23

In 1980, word spread that Chakava was about to publish Ngugi’s book, Caitani Mutharabaini (Devil on the Cross), written in detention, and he started receiving threatening phone calls.

Mau Mau child detainee, becomes an author at 70

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2024-04-26 18:03:27

His book Sibiloi, is a fictional story of a group of scientists, who set up camp among the Amalek, a community found in Northern Kenya, where they make a discovery.

Regional book fair goes to Mombasa

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2024-05-26 08:34:31

The theme of this year’s book fair is ‘25 Years of Excellence and Innovation in Publishing’.

How to improve your chances of getting that dream job

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2024-05-29 09:45:51

What do employers look for when they are recruiting?

How poet's dream of being published abroad came true

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2024-06-02 09:54:37

Though she is a published poet and an award-winning short story writer, Moraa had never attended the NIBF until last year.

Songwriter's plight exposes the dark underbelly of Gikuyu Benga industry

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2024-06-14 13:24:01

The struggles of Maina ka Ngoma, sum up the double-faced and exploitative nature of Gikuyu benga music; the dark underbelly everyone wishes to keep well hidden.

Creatives bring African nursery rhymes to life

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2024-06-23 08:36:16

The idea of Uli and Tata Nursery Rhymes was birthed by accident in 2020. Then, the whole country was under lockdown, due to Covid-19.

Ripples in the Pool: Why Rebeka Njau's book is still causing waves 50 years later

By Mbugua Ngunjiri   2024-06-30 08:52:10

For a 91-year-old woman, Rebeka is surprisingly in good shape. Apart from a walking cane, nothing else betrays her advanced age.