Manuel Ntoyai

Death of a party city: Can Nairobi's CBD nightlife ever recover?

By Manuel Ntoyai   2024-05-09 12:30:26

The nightlife was at its peak during these times and would start at dusk especially with the Mututho rules coming into effect to reign in the inebriated masses.

Inside the gaming world

By Manuel Ntoyai   2024-05-24 10:35:02

According to projections from a report by Newzoo and Carry1st, Sub-Saharan Africa’s gamers are poised to spend $1 billion on mobile games for the first time in 2024.

Menstrual Hygiene Day: The threat of waste disposal

By Manuel Ntoyai   2024-05-28 14:41:22

As the world marked the 10th anniversary of Menstrual Hygiene Day, this year’s theme is #PeriodFriendlyWorld

Of listening parties, tours and launches

By Manuel Ntoyai   2024-05-31 10:10:48

Close to a decade ago, media personality Willy M Tuva ushered in a new era where musical acts would launch their latest releases during the famous Wakilisha Night...

Disposal of menstrual waste and the taboo issue

By Manuel Ntoyai   2024-06-02 09:29:24

The topic of menstrual health management is still taboo in the Maasai community and is often discussed in hushed tones.

Huddah to open a church in Kenya

By Manuel Ntoyai   2024-06-06 12:44:08

Dubai-based socialite Huddah Monroe plans to open a church in 2026 when she moves back to Kenya. The name of the church? Huddah Prosperity Ministries!

Ezekiel Mutua raises over Sh200k in three hours for his birthday project

By Manuel Ntoyai   2024-06-06 15:16:19

“You guys are incredible. In three hours you have already given over 200k for the 1k birthday project. Unbelievable! Thank you so much,” he stated.

New body takes stage in royalties collection

By Manuel Ntoyai   2024-06-06 20:45:10

The Performing and Audio-Visual Rights Society of Kenya (Pavrisk) to oversee all music and performer rights in the audiovisual sector.

Why Kenyans now prefer pork over beef, mbuzi

By Manuel Ntoyai   2024-06-07 12:13:16

The mushrooming of pork butcheries and eateries across the country is a pointer to the growing appetite for the delicacy.

Swedish rapper Ken Ring to open music studios in Diani

By Manuel Ntoyai   2024-06-10 13:24:05

Swedish rapper and businessman Ken Ring is set to finally open his music studios in Diani.

KAMP to pay Sh1.2million to top earning music producer

By Manuel Ntoyai   2024-06-10 13:29:13

These payments are from royalties collected for Q1 of 2024, where KES 17,126,454.89 was received by the organisation.

Bien tops KAMP royalties

By Manuel Ntoyai   2024-06-12 09:32:03

They will be releasing a total of KES 8,050,170.20, representing the declared amount for KAMP's Quarter 1 distribution.

Bien urges Ruto to save music industry from corrupt cartels

By Manuel Ntoyai   2024-06-12 08:07:58

Angela Ndambuki stated that they will be seeking legal redress on the matter.

Licensing woes: An artistes' beef like no other

By Manuel Ntoyai   2024-06-14 13:18:25

The fuss started when the Kenya Copyright Board gave a one-year license to the Performing and Audio-Visual Rights Society of Kenya (PAVRISK) to oversee music and performer rights.

Nadia Mukami loses phone during Finance Bill protest

By Manuel Ntoyai   2024-06-18 20:24:38

Tens of celebrities and public figures took part in today's protests against the Finance Bill 2024.

No stones, just phones: Digital Maandamano

By Manuel Ntoyai   2024-06-21 11:25:31

Like well-oiled machines, this week the youth took the nation by storm, hitting the streets to protest the Finance Bill.