Woman seeks child upkeep from State House aide

She says Ng’eno “is a man of great means holding one of the top government positions currently working at the State House with a monthly salary of over Ksh650,000."

Banker charged in US court for seeking hitman to murder kin

Leonard Mwithiga allegedly said that he wanted to “fight evil with evil,” and he’d planned to pay Sh613,400 ($4,000) in exchange for someone killing her.


People are lying to mzee that this is not his pregnancy, says Manzi wa Kibera

She expressed her newfound happiness with her new love, Mzee, saying that his energy in both their personal and intimate life is in stark contrast to her previous partners, who were younger.


For four years, my husband denied me conjugal rights

Anne further accused Nicodemus of being cruel to her, quarrelsome, abusive, and constantly threatening to commit suicide.

Steamy cops sex tape goes viral

The man nicknamed ‘Simba’ around the office, had just been transferred from Mumias DCI offices over his conduct.

Man pays dearly for sharing nudes of Facebook lover

The lady stayed with Orina for four days before returning to her home and blocking him on social media.


Children stop elderly father from marrying second wife

The children scuttled the plan, claiming their father had not consulted them over his decision to remarry.

Blame it on the devil: Says man jailed for bestiality

The prosecution said that the accused was caught in the act by the owner of the cow.


Drama as drunk men hold cops hostage

The unruly drunkards, who were not happy with the interference of the officers, pelted the house with stones, forcing the officers to hide inside a house.


More twists and and turns in Tob Cohen murder investigations

“In the lifetime of her husband, she refused to pick up the name of her husband, yet in his death, in which she is accused of participating, she picks up the name to claim a piece of the estate.”


The Sh21 million dowry: It was a set up by Jilted men, claims lawyer

EACC closed Daniel Wambua’s accounts on suspicion that he was involved in money laundering. But he insists the funds were for dowry payment. 


Why brothers drove out their father's younger lover

According to the brothers, Njoki had no right to stay in the house belonging to their mother who died in 2017.


Brothers chase out their father's younger lover

The brother insisted that Njoki had no right to stay in the house belonging to their mother who died in 2017.


Drunk youth hijack funeral, play reggae songs

A group of rowdy youths hijack a burial ceremony from the pastor, smoke bhang, drink alcohol, and pour some into the grave.


Lovebirds turn bushes into lodges

Not even the fear of deadly snakes appears to deter some couples from turning the site into a love-making site.


Senator's shocking revelations rock Kenya's parliament

Senator Orwoba's explosive revelations have landed her in hot water, and she is now facing a suspension from the Senate until early next year.


Court charges six congregants caught 'sexing' in church

They were arrested following a tip-off that followers were being encouraged to engage in immorality.


How security guard eloped with campus girl

The teen met and fell in love with the guard, who then took her to his rural home in Kakamega County.


University students in trouble for stealing Sh300,000 from lecturer

She introduced herself as a business student at KCA University and disclosed to him her problems including fees arrears.