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Guarantor laid trap to nab suspect who failed to show up in court

By The Nairobian Reporter   2023-07-05 10:35:38

“Though I did not know him, I used his close people to make the decision that I now regret.  I have gone through a lot of problems. I was put in for four good months."

Why Court of Appeal revised chang'aa brewer's death sentence

By The Nairobian Reporter   2023-07-11 08:33:15

On the material day, all the deceased took chang’aa and 'keg' in that pub. The deceased and those who survived started exhibiting symptoms of stomachache, vomiting, chest pain and blurred vision.

The poor are fodder for political contests

By The Nairobian Reporter   2023-07-18 20:50:53

Why aren’t protesters ever shot opposite Yaya Centre or women raped in Muthaiga, Runda, and the like?

Is there a true-to-God biography?

By The Nairobian Reporter   2023-07-19 16:36:24

The common denominator in all these real-life stories is more often than not, a glossy, flowery, and self-glorifying take on a subject's life and achievements.

The Macondo Literary Festival returns to celebrate African literature

By The Nairobian Reporter   2023-08-04 20:22:26

With an exceptional lineup of renowned authors from diverse backgrounds, the event guarantees a unique and enriching experience for all attendees.

You must be really stupid to be a sponsor

By The Nairobian Reporter   2023-08-05 14:31:46

Most sponsors are tenderpreneurs, drug lords or sugar barons; because no sane person who earns a salary like all of us, can spend Sh25,000 monthly on a badly finished one-bedroom in South B.

Mutahi Ngunyi: I will retire in Kisumu City

By The Nairobian Reporter   2023-08-16 09:47:14

If I retired and went to Nyeri, I won’t have any intellectual conversations because everybody will be discussing land and cattle.

Meet Pastor Sue Munene, Kenya's daring sex preacher

By The Nairobian Reporter   2023-08-27 10:09:27

The Minister at Overcomers Hope Ministry recently advised men to enjoy their partners’ breasts.

Blogger Pauline Njoroge: Nyanza towns are better than Central Kenya

By The Nairobian Reporter   2023-09-15 14:15:48

I just keep imagining how things would be like if Nyanza was part of what was called the white highlands.

More and more women are choosing to be on 'top'

By The Nairobian Reporter   2023-09-22 14:00:00

The female became empowered, took charge of her career, and reproductive health, and discovered her self-worth.

Maina Njenga to Gachagua: Let's meet and talk

By The Nairobian Reporter   2023-10-12 10:47:25

Gachagua however argues that he will not dialogue with a criminal entity and asked Njenga to denounce violence.

Ten reasons Nairobians rush home after work

By The Nairobian Reporter   2023-10-17 13:48:51

Some Nairobians live in neighbourhoods where only madmen, prostitutes, police, and thieves walk in the streets past 9 pm.

Viagra and sex toys among items KRA impounded at airport

By The Nairobian Reporter   2023-11-17 14:53:06

KRA says that within a short period of time, they have intercepted 339 drones, seven guns, 18 toy guns, 11 magazines, eight handcuffs, 24 walkie-talkies, and 24 Viagra packs.

Court hands 45-year-sentence to man who killed Eldoret student

By The Nairobian Reporter   2023-12-01 05:15:15

Mustafa was found with her laptop and phone. He killed her by hitting her with a blunt object on her head, then raped her before chopping off her legs after she rejected his sexual advances.

Banker charged in US court for seeking hitman to murder kin

By The Nairobian Reporter   2023-12-19 11:58:14

Leonard Mwithiga allegedly said that he wanted to “fight evil with evil,” and he’d planned to pay Sh613,400 ($4,000) in exchange for someone killing her.

Woman seeks child upkeep from State House aide

By The Nairobian Reporter   2023-12-22 09:57:54

She says Ng’eno “is a man of great means holding one of the top government positions currently working at the State House with a monthly salary of over Ksh650,000."

Christmas: Why Jews do not celebrate it

By The Nairobian Reporter   2023-12-25 12:20:43

Jesus Christ, the legendary celeb from Nazareth, was a Jew. His birthday - never mind He was not born on December 25 - is usually marked with excessive eating and drinking.

10 types of 'Judases' in your life

By The Nairobian Reporter   2024-03-29 16:38:09

Centuries ago, this was a big week for the man called Judas, who used to chill with Jesus and the Big Boys.