Jacqueline Mahugu

Female instrumentalists making waves

By Jacqueline Mahugu   2023-07-10 13:32:10

Today, many women have come onto the scene and are going toe to toe with the men. Now, the instrumentalist world truly "wouldn't be nothing without a woman or a girl"

How to parent an Internet child star

By Jacqueline Mahugu   2023-07-16 00:32:41

Child prodigies have existed throughout time, and now that the internet is a ubiquitous part of our lives, it is bound to create its child stars.

Nine-year-old Kenyan boy teaching computer hacks

By Jacqueline Mahugu   2023-07-16 00:30:01

Elvis, 9, teaches computer shortcuts on his channel together with his sister Megan, who just turned four years last month.

Angela Ndambuki: Music is my business

By Jacqueline Mahugu   2023-07-29 10:24:52

For Kenyans of a certain age, just hearing the words, “Mateso ya roho, umenivunja moyo…” is enough to bring back a nostalgic flood of memories

Evolution of a sound: How Afrobeats conquered the world

By Jacqueline Mahugu   2023-07-29 13:44:47

In the early 2000s, a vibrant music genre called Afrobeats emerged from Nigeria. By the late 2000s, Kenyans were hooked.

Wambui Collymore on her love for art, Bob's legacy

By Jacqueline Mahugu   2023-07-29 13:05:57

Over the years, Wambui Collymore has loved what people remember about her late husband, Bob Collymore, when they speak to her.

How couple fell in love and discovered they were related during dowry negotiations

By Jacqueline Mahugu   2023-08-30 16:27:13

Despite a few hiccups in the beginning, today, 55 years later, the descendants of Nathan Ngugi and Agnes Nyaguthii number over 500, and the family continues to get together every year

What pushes children to suicide?

By Jacqueline Mahugu   2023-09-09 14:30:03

Towards the end of last year, the suicide of an 11-year-old boy from Kirinyaga sent shockwaves across the country. He had dug his own grave...

The silent pain: Struggling with suicidal thoughts

By Jacqueline Mahugu   2023-09-09 14:42:46

“I went on Facebook and wrote my eulogy.” Chilling words, from a man who was ready to end it all....

Could your child be thinking about suicide?

By Jacqueline Mahugu   2023-09-13 10:12:26

What are some of the factors that commonly lead to suicide in children? Some of the reasons may seem trivial to you as an adult, but to a child, it can seem like the end of the world

Team Lioness: The women rangers of Amboseli

By Jacqueline Mahugu   2023-09-29 23:27:33

It is one of the first all-women ranger units in Kenya, with 16 members from the Maasai community living around Amboseli

Prof Ratemo Michieka: JKUAT founding Vice-Chancellor

By Jacqueline Mahugu   2023-09-30 14:03:52

Even as a young boy, Ratemo Michieka was a stickler for rule-following and discipline. He recalls an incident where he unjustly got into trouble for it as a prefect in primary school.

Prof Michieka on weed research and nation-building

By Jacqueline Mahugu   2023-10-07 15:02:21

You can tell that the professor always placed a premium on discipline and he has a remarkable memory, remembering the names of all his teachers, perhaps unsurprising for an academician.

Elephant in the room: Will you share the space?

By Jacqueline Mahugu   2023-10-09 12:51:00

Whenever wildlife conservation is discussed, the elephant in the room is always the fact that humans also need room to live. So IFAW approaches the issue differently.

Caring for wild animals more than a job

By Jacqueline Mahugu   2023-10-15 21:39:03

They confront poachers, navigate the treacherous terrain of human-wildlife conflicts, and work tirelessly to protect these magnificent creatures

Professor Khainga: A pioneer of plastic surgery

By Jacqueline Mahugu   2023-10-28 11:23:15

Did you know that we can do face transplants in Kenya? Only about 50 face transplants have been done worldwide since the first one happened in the early 2000s.

Sports, deaths: Kenyans' 2023 top searches

By Jacqueline Mahugu   2023-12-11 15:30:09

Google’s Year in Search is an annual analysis that reveals the top trending lists and spotlights what the world seeks to see, learn and do.

From scandals to victories: What Kenyans searched for in 2023

By Jacqueline Mahugu   2023-12-11 09:51:21

Google has revealed its Year in Search 2023 lists for Kenya, offering a glimpse into the interests that captured Kenyans throughout the year.

Life lessons from Sunday magazine's 2023 profiles

By Jacqueline Mahugu   2023-12-17 06:34:13

Love is what keeps families together, like this family that has been having get-togethers since 1968.

Africa's top exported artistes

By Jacqueline Mahugu   2023-12-18 07:54:32

The much-awaited Spotify Wrapped data for 2023 reveals the undeniable growing influence of African artistes across the globe.