Nailantei Kenga

Ian Wafula's immaculate truck house

By Nailantei Kenga   2023-07-15 14:04:45

Ian Wafula, in his 20s, now owns a tiny home that brings him income...It cost him at least Sh5 million to put up the tiny house.

VIDEO: At home with Mercy Kyallo

By Nailantei Kenga   2023-07-22 11:09:13

Mercy, CEO of Yallo Leathers, refers to her home as A Da Lolce La Vita. It is a five- bedroomed house. Each room has character and personality.

A lesson in wine pairing at brunch

By Nailantei Kenga   2023-08-14 13:10:32

The event this day was a wine pairing experience. My girls and I are not particularly wine connoisseurs, but we were eager to explore and learn how to pair world-class wines with Kenyan foods

Lydia Ntimama's beautiful home

By Nailantei Kenga   2023-09-11 12:06:48

Lydia’s five-bedroom ensuite mansion has one master bedroom. It sits on a five-acre land that she bought for Ksh4 million in 2004 – currently, an acre is worth 50 million

At home with Dr Pranav Pancholi

By Nailantei Kenga   2023-09-16 13:05:03

Dr Pranav Pancholi, a cosmetologist, loves art. After all, the dermatologist combines art and science to make people look like a million dollars.

The colourful world of Deepa Dosaja

By Nailantei Kenga   2023-10-02 15:54:48

A slice of heaven, Deepa Dosaja’s home is tucked in the suburbs of Nairobi. Her Zen-like space speaks volumes, and her style extends to the Deepa Dosaja label, a Kenya-based fashion house

Waithera Kabiru: A holiday home of dreams

By Nailantei Kenga   2023-10-07 11:12:23

Waithera's holiday home in Malindi feels like a posh hotel, except these are villas. Her stylish verandah is adorned with beautiful Swahili furniture, and the dining table stands out.

A holiday home of dreams

By Nailantei Kenga   2023-10-09 12:48:29

Waithera Kabiru's holiday home in Malindi feels like a posh hotel, except these are villas

Inside Joy Kendi's stylish home

By Nailantei Kenga   2023-10-21 12:35:16

Joy Kendi's home is the very definition of contemporary style, a true testament to how to fuse art and fashion in your space

Nina Senanu's stylish, sophisticated home

By Nailantei Kenga   2023-10-30 16:11:46

While she values her privacy, after some persistent persuasion, she graciously offered Art of Living a sneak peek into her beautifully curated living space

Enchanting Afrocentric home

By Nailantei Kenga   2023-11-13 08:57:11

Venturing into her apartment in the surburbs of Nairobi, the elevator transports visitors to a home that resonates with eclecticism

A DIY enthusiast's posh apartment building

By Nailantei Kenga   2023-12-10 08:29:01

Dr Lynn’s love for DIY stems from her personal experiences.

Idyllic Country home in Elementaita

By Nailantei Kenga   2023-12-18 08:08:01

Perched majestically on a hill, their country home radiated the quintessence of an English countryside haven.

Susan Gichia's enchanting patch of Heaven

By Nailantei Kenga   2024-01-01 08:15:37

Welcome to Patch of Heaven, a mere 40km from the heart of Nairobi, offering breathtaking views of the Rift Valley.

A charming country home in Limuru

By Nailantei Kenga   2024-01-15 09:02:04

This natural spectacle instantly transports visitors to a realm of tranquillity, providing a brief respite from worldly concerns.

Art of Living: A charming country home in Limuru

By Nailantei Kenga   2024-01-15 13:03:56

The house stands as a testament to the intersection of passion, creativity, and family legacy

Mercy Kyallo's Manhattan style apartment in the city

By Nailantei Kenga   2024-01-21 14:52:55

The carefully selected furniture and accessories mirror her artistic taste

At home with Michael Okwiri

By Nailantei Kenga   2024-02-03 12:08:18

Okwiri orchestrates his life with an unmistakable blend of style and adventure, where an insatiable appetite for the finer things fuels a fast-paced, globetrotting existence.

Inside Shaffie Weru's inner sanctum

By Nailantei Kenga   2024-02-24 13:36:33

Shaffie Weru has an aura that captivates millions and a style that sets trends ablaze on social media.

Emmanuel Jal's eclectic space

By Nailantei Kenga   2024-03-09 14:58:37

Hailing from the crossroads of South Sudan and Canada, Emmanuel Jal’s multifaceted force of creativity, resilience, and inspiration is as captivating as it is empowering.