Esther Dianah

Survey reveals Kenya's most sought-after skills in job market

By Esther Dianah   2023-11-22 10:41:14

The findings call for key skills in transport and logistics, signalling a pivotal moment in the intersection of education and industry needs.

'Cyber security key barrier to digital economy among small businesses'

By Esther Dianah   2023-11-28 15:50:08

A major revelation from the study is that a majority of MSMEs rank digital training and skills development as the paramount requirement for venturing into the online sphere.

NCBA celebrates financing of over 4000 vehicles, sets aside Sh2b for emobility

By Esther Dianah   2023-11-28 15:57:16

NCBA group has financed over 4000 vehicles amounting to Sh17 billion as of October 2023.

New survey tracks contribution of creative industry to Kenya's economy

By Esther Dianah   2023-11-30 02:37:28

Speaking during the launch, KNBS Director General George Obudho said that initially, the contribution of the film industry to the economy was not known.

Sameer starts construction of Sh260 million warehouse

By Esther Dianah   2023-11-29 23:23:45

The tailor-made project has been crafted to align with its tenant’s distinct needs, encompassing considerations of size, layout, features, and functionality.

New boost for the women-led businesses' financial resilience

By Esther Dianah   2023-12-05 21:09:50

NFNV Kenya has taken steps towards enhancing the financial and economic resilience of women-led businesses using insurance products for risk mitigation.

Increase output of building materials, PS urges firms

By Esther Dianah   2023-12-06 17:29:53

PS Hinga noted that the use of locally produced materials will help in cutting the overall cost of the housing units under the Affordable Housing Programme.

Incentives to women in construction will boost their participation, says regulator

By Esther Dianah   2023-12-14 05:55:59

National Construction Authority Executive Director Maurice Aketch said gender stereotypes and biases discourage women from pursuing careers in construction.

Safaricom and partners to back local startups

By Esther Dianah   2024-01-12 17:30:56

Safaricom, M-PESA Africa, and Sumitomo Corporation have launched an accelerator programme for fintech and content startups.

Kenya to chair United Nations committee on tourism

By Esther Dianah   2024-01-25 16:07:37

Kenya has been elected to chair the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Committee on Tourism and Competitiveness, solidifying its position as a leader in the global tourism industry.

Standard Group creates digital visitor booking system

By Esther Dianah   2024-02-13 14:26:48

Standard Group has developed a digital visitor booking management system that is set to redefine how businesses handle guest interactions.

Rising demand for bouquets as Kenyans mark Valentine's Day

By Esther Dianah   2024-02-14 19:51:22

Fresh Produce Consortium of Kenya (FPCK) has noted a growing demand for ready bouquets by international markets as opposed to single-variety cut flowers.

State seeks partners to expand digital hubs across slums

By Esther Dianah   2024-02-15 19:42:17

Kenya Kwanza, through its ICT agenda, seeks to build a digitally empowered nation where citizens can readily work and also get services conveniently and efficiently.

Ministry to host forum on financing agricultural sector

By Esther Dianah   2024-02-19 16:57:45

Agriculture loans and investments portfolios currently are disproportionately low compared to the agriculture sector’s share of GDP.

Milk processor rallies farmers to conserve animal feed amid climate change

By Esther Dianah   2024-02-21 11:55:10

Brookside is rallying dairy farmers to prepare and conserve animal feed as a mitigation to challenges brought about by climate change.

Local auto firm asks State to incentive costs in e-mobility

By Esther Dianah   2024-02-21 16:02:00

The electric Tuktuks are designed to ensure optimum value for customers through better range, grade ability, and load-carrying capacity.

Fintech wave: Internet access spurs Kenya digital innovation

By Esther Dianah   2024-03-02 21:03:48

The impact of fintech on financial services and markets in Kenya is a testament to the transformative power of technology.

'You must innovate to stay abreast with the trends'

By Esther Dianah   2024-03-05 18:26:00

Founded back in the 1980s, Kega Fashions is feeling the heat of the weak shilling and the rising cost of raw materials as well as competition from Mitumba business.

KTB: Tourism industry near full recovery to pre-Covid levels

By Esther Dianah   2024-03-05 18:49:18

The tourism sector is at about 96 per cent recovery to 2019 figures, hence it is rightly on the path to an accelerated growth trajectory.

How local sourcing by giant firms can cut unemployment

By Esther Dianah   2024-03-13 17:12:04

Unilever’s Emerge Accelerator Programme is an example of tangible impact; empowering women and individuals with disabilities to become suppliers.