Dr Alfred Murage

Always be honest with your doctor during appointments

By Dr Alfred Murage   2023-07-07 12:34:26

Some details may be embarrassing and unnerving to disclose. But always remember that your doctor is really only interested in piecing stuff together and helping you out

Complete honesty is crucial for an effective diagnosis

By Dr Alfred Murage   2023-07-13 10:00:40

Your doctor cannot read your mind. They can only make deductions from what you volunteer. But what you hold back may be critical to guiding your diagnosis.

Which is the best decade in a woman's life for conception?

By Dr Alfred Murage   2023-07-14 10:35:12

Couples should plan pregnancies when chances of conception are highest, they are in good health and are more likely to deliver a healthy baby

This is the most important question to ask your doctor

By Dr Alfred Murage   2023-07-21 11:33:23

Multiple factors add up to influence your healthcare outcomes. Asking a single important question may appear simplistic but it may help in the long run

This is the most important question patients should ask the doctor

By Dr Alfred Murage   2023-07-27 10:13:32

This single question forces a relook that might lead to an alternate diagnosis.

Virtually acquired medical skills are life-saving

By Dr Alfred Murage   2023-07-28 12:23:40

Medical simulation is now so advanced, trainees learn complex surgical techniques in virtual labs, well before touching live patients

Beware of medical clinics' fake online reviews

By Dr Alfred Murage   2023-08-11 10:20:13

Competition among healthcare service providers means each player has to enhance their visibility to potential clients. Even if it means faking it

AI in medicine: The good, the bad and the ugly

By Dr Alfred Murage   2023-08-23 12:23:03

Humans continue to play a major role in medicine and algorithms driving AI medical applications must initially be coded by humans.

Passing gas emits important clues about your health

By Dr Alfred Murage   2023-08-26 07:10:32

Just like everyone pees and poops, everyone passes gas. But for some people, it emits a foul odour that can be disgusting

Passing gas holds important clues about your health

By Dr Alfred Murage   2023-08-30 10:05:35

When should you be concerned about passing gas? If you notice that you are passing too much gas, and getting bloated and uncomfortable, you may need to seek some help.

Seek answers when medical complications occur

By Dr Alfred Murage   2023-09-01 09:07:51

There’s an ethical principle called medical candour, which should be upheld by every medic. Any medic who finds it hard to share medical details with patients should be in a different profession

Patients have a right to all their medical data

By Dr Alfred Murage   2023-10-05 13:41:23

There’s an ethical principle called medical candour, which should be upheld by every medic. Any medic who finds it hard to share medical details with patients should be in a different profession.

Choices matter: Your toolbox to avoiding premature death

By Dr Alfred Murage   2023-09-08 09:39:29

Premature death is defined by WHO as death before the age of 70. But that age is dependent on many factors, from socio-economics to ready availability of health services

Premature death is avoidable

By Dr Alfred Murage   2023-10-18 19:09:08

Humans appear to have an almost inexplicable attraction to harmful habits, eventually ending up with suffering and premature deaths.

Why a second opinion can be helpful in the medical diagnostic world

By Dr Alfred Murage   2023-09-14 21:40:12

In any case, never hesitate to seek a second opinion if you feel it is necessary. You are free to seek a second opinion at any point in your medical relationship

Never hesitate to seek a second opinion

By Dr Alfred Murage   2023-09-22 13:00:10

Sometimes you will end up with the same views, but other times, the alternate specialist might recommend an entirely different course of action.

Beware of variations in healthcare costs to make the right choice

By Dr Alfred Murage   2023-09-22 10:16:49

Sometimes, even when many factors appear to be constant, you are no wiser as to why one healthcare provider is many times more expensive than another

Benefits of taking a paternity leave

By Dr Alfred Murage   2023-09-28 21:59:32

Mums are usually very exhausted immediately after delivery. It's dad’s time to make cups of tea, prepare three-course meals, and generally pamper their partners

Simply standing up can improve your health

By Dr Alfred Murage   2023-10-05 22:43:30

Standing up appears so simplistic and you wouldn’t consider it as a form of exercise, but it can reap ample health benefits

When fertility treatments fail, couples deserve support to explore options

By Dr Alfred Murage   2023-10-20 09:41:38

Couples must be treated with dignity, compassion and honesty. They must feel that their journey to conception is well supported and fully optimised towards success