Harold Ayodo

Banks to embrace alternate dispute resolution with defaulters

By Harold Ayodo   2023-07-05 15:28:04

The new law compels commercial banks to sell the property of a defaulter at the highest market value. Before the passing of the law, some auctioned property below 29 percent of its market value.

Hire a professional for land valuation

By Harold Ayodo   2023-07-12 12:00:04

Valuation will come in handy for you before the State acquires your private property by compulsory acquisition since you will be able to bargain not to be paid less.

Building a home using your salary

By Harold Ayodo   2023-08-09 10:54:31

There are several cases where fundis work in cahoots with hardware staff or supplies to con you. Knowing how Nairobi is, falsified receipts are not hard to get.

Property fraudsters risk Sh 5M fine, jail

By Harold Ayodo   2023-08-29 20:52:36

Some unlucky fraudulent brokers who laugh to the bank as prospective investors lose fortunes over omissions and commissions of corn artists are also being frog-marched to court.

How to avoid fake lawyers in land deals

By Harold Ayodo   2023-10-04 08:08:24

In most cases, bogus lawyers have a higher affinity towards active land registries like Nairobi, Thika, Kajiado, Kisumu and Mombasa where property transactions are voluminous.

Tenants have right to sue nosy landlords

By Harold Ayodo   2023-10-13 09:41:22

Arrogant landlords are why Nairobians strive to own homes. People who refuse to be at the mercy of stubborn landlords but cannot afford homes mostly move, hoping they will find a better one.

What is compulsory land acquisition?

By Harold Ayodo   2023-10-18 10:54:55

Section 107 of the Land Act mandates the National Land Commission (NLC) to acquire land compulsorily on behalf of both the national and county governments.

Step-by-step guide for first-time land buyers

By Harold Ayodo   2023-10-18 11:16:02

It is wise to start your due diligence by visiting the area where the plot or house you want to buy sits and talk to the neighbours who have lived there longer.

Dividing property in polygamous divorce

By Harold Ayodo   2023-10-20 11:35:46

Matrimonial property means the matrimonial home or homes, household goods, effects, and any other property owned by both or either spouse acquired during marriage.

Women too have the right to own property

By Harold Ayodo   2023-10-24 19:06:04

Legally, women should not view real estate as a preserve of men as the Constitution protects the right to private property.

Women have the right to own property

By Harold Ayodo   2023-11-01 00:15:47

Parliament should enact legislation to regulate the recognition and protection of matrimonial property. It particularly seeks to protect the matrimonial home during and on termination of marriage.

Illegal property cautions can be costly if sued

By Harold Ayodo   2023-11-08 01:47:08

Any person who lodges a caution wrongfully can be sued. Placing a wrongful caution that may lead a registered owner to lose prospective clients would attract high damages and compensation.

Children born out of wedlock entitled to father's wealth

By Harold Ayodo   2023-11-14 10:38:39

According to judicial precedents, courts often order that children born of extra-marital affairs have shares in the estate of their late biological father.

What happens to shared property after divorce?

By Harold Ayodo   2023-11-23 14:29:08

Legally, investments in a real estate company by spouses cannot be shared as any matrimonial property when the marriage ends.

Unregistered land is like forbidden fruit

By Harold Ayodo   2023-11-29 03:59:32

Many middle-class Nairobians travel up-country to buy unregistered land from villagers. The majority of land in rural areas is not registered because the ‘owners’ mainly inherited from forefathers.

Why professional undertakings are landmines to lawyers

By Harold Ayodo   2023-12-13 14:35:25

In most cases, lawyers are often victims when professional undertakings are not honoured and are forced to make the payments out of their pockets.

New law will save mortgage defaulters from losing homes

By Harold Ayodo   2023-12-19 22:40:21

The new law requires a bank to sell a property at the highest market value to settle the outstanding balance and the defaulter pockets the proceeds.

Tips for expats who want to live in Nairobi

By Harold Ayodo   2024-01-10 04:06:09

Renting a house within its own compound guarantees space complete with its own swimming pool, freedom to rear pets and have a kitchen garden. On the flipside, you will more likely pay more.

Reprieve as Kenya's forex buffer ups by Sh51b on IMF loan boost

By Harold Ayodo   2024-02-04 19:57:16

Foreign exchange reserves are largely tapped for government payments such as servicing external debts and essential government imports such as medicines.

22 senators lead fresh onslaught on Ruto's housing levy

By Harold Ayodo   2024-04-10 19:55:59

The total number of cases challenging Ruto's pet project is now seven.