Boniface Mithika

Frankie Dee: I was arrested in a case of mistaken identity

By Boniface Mithika   2023-07-12 14:53:44

Out of nowhere, cops pounced on me and alleged that I was a Nigerian. I tried to explain myself, but they didn’t hear none of it.

Moya David: I started from the bottom

By Boniface Mithika   2023-07-16 22:09:46

Although he blew to fame a couple of months ago, he has been in this trade for ten years now.

Mejja's secret to success

By Boniface Mithika   2023-07-28 10:45:02

Mejja is without a doubt a national gem, humble and down to Earth. Rarely does he carry himself as a big deal and talks softly to whoever is around.

DJ Creme de la Creme matatu confusion: 'I thought fare was 9 bob'

By Boniface Mithika   2023-08-10 12:36:18

For him, since most matatus have different route numbers emblazoned on them, he did know what the numbers meant and instead thought that was the bus fare.

XLVI K: I was blindly sold a cellphone full of mud

By Boniface Mithika   2023-08-02 00:10:43

When we attempted to switch on the phone and insert my SIM card, we were shocked to discover that the guy had swiftly replaced the real phone with a casing filled with mud.

New hip-hop subgenres coming up

By Boniface Mithika   2023-08-04 10:37:11

Hip-hop continues to diversify into new subgenres that push the boundaries of rhythm, poetry and self-expression.

Joan Musumba: From model to climate crusader

By Boniface Mithika   2023-08-04 10:40:43

Not so long ago, Joan was strutting the runway, but beneath the glitz and glamour, Joan knew she had a greater purpose

Joan Musumba: From Runway Model to Climate Crusader

By Boniface Mithika   2023-08-06 08:27:16

Joan says she has witnessed firsthand the devastating impacts of climate change on communities and the environment and this made her delve deep into the matter.

Who owns the music? What artistes need to know

By Boniface Mithika   2023-08-11 15:06:09

The contentious relationship between artistes and labels has set the stage for ugly fights as musicians try to take control and ownership over their music.

How lawyer discovered the missing link from the Bible

By Boniface Mithika   2023-08-14 04:14:08

Jesus is referring to the chapter and verse numbers of the Bible. He quoted them in advance so they were part of scripture all along. The question is why then does Jesus quote these numbers?

BongoPiano: The musical crossover that has everyone dancing

By Boniface Mithika   2023-08-18 11:00:37

The seductive sounds of Amapiano, the South African phenomenon that has swept the music scene, have met the essence of Bongo music to create a hybrid that is winning fans.

Sampling: Creativity or theft?

By Boniface Mithika   2023-08-25 10:44:40

Many upcoming artistes have been going over and beyond on matters of sampling music. Once in a while, you may hear a familiar tune or hook, but in an entirely different song.

Artiste: My first time in Nairobi, I slept in a mathree

By Boniface Mithika   2023-08-27 10:33:01

Armed with a few coins in her pocket, she decided to buy time in the club after her performance although she couldn’t afford any food or drinks.

Dreekz: I once slaughtered a goat in pursuit of blessings

By Boniface Mithika   2023-09-04 13:48:57

"My beats come from my UK surroundings and my musical heart is Kenyan. I want to create music that can bring the UK scene to East Africa and amplify my Kenyan flavour to my UK fans."

How different ages consume hip-hop

By Boniface Mithika   2023-09-07 16:43:19

Hip-hop has achieved great milestones over the past 50 years. The genre’s journey in Kenya stands out as a testament to its global influence.

Transformative power of callisthenics

By Boniface Mithika   2023-09-14 16:12:13

The fitness rage has been on the rise for a couple of years now, with more people being body-positive. This has seen a majority join the bandwagon and it is not a cheap venture either.

Award ceremonies changing showbiz

By Boniface Mithika   2023-09-15 10:54:05

The music scene is getting its groove back after a period of absence of vibrant music awards.

Popular tattoos and their meanings

By Boniface Mithika   2023-09-22 10:53:12

The placement of a tattoo is often as important as the tattoo itself. It should not be a random choice, nor should you choose an image just because it is 'cute'

Tattoos and their meanings

By Boniface Mithika   2023-09-22 11:25:10

Some tattoos have hidden messages, and your intended meaning is probably not the one portrayed by the ink.

Matata's track chosen as the official soundtrack EA SPORTS FC 24 (FIFA)

By Boniface Mithika   2023-09-22 15:04:40

Kenya's boy band Matata's track Not Today has been selected as the official soundtrack for the highly anticipated EA SPORTS FC 24 (formerly FIFA) game.