Boniface Mithika

Hip Hop's obsession with numbers

By Boniface Mithika   2023-11-10 12:27:08

The fascination of rappers with certain numbers is a phenomenon that has intrigued both fans and critics alike. While it may seem like a mere coincidence, there are deeper reasons.

Frankie Dee: I was arrested during my first visit to Nairobi

By Boniface Mithika   2023-11-13 11:28:15

Hailing from Mombasa, Frankie Dee's first visit to Nairobi was eventful as he was arrested and put behind bars for what he says was a case of mistaken identity.

East Africa glum over Grammys list

By Boniface Mithika   2023-11-17 11:24:12

The 2024 Grammy Awards nominees were unveiled on November 10 and featured a lineup of powerhouse talents set to vie for the esteemed honours across various categories.

Elisha Elai: How I got scammed through online app

By Boniface Mithika   2023-11-20 13:50:06

"My stage name ‘Elai’ is a short form of the name Elisha. I was given the name by my friends at school. I decided to brand my stage name as Elisha Elai,”

I never gave up after initial failures, says artiste

By Boniface Mithika   2023-11-28 15:50:19

The skyscrapers were also a new phenomenon since he says he didn’t understand what was holding those tall buildings in position all the time.

Congolese star Ferre Gola the main draw at Lokole Festival

By Boniface Mithika   2023-12-01 19:38:37

The festival, which is set to take place tomorrow at the Nairobi Polo Club, is expected to draw thousands of music lovers from across the region and beyond.

Richie G: I used to think everyone in Nai was a thief

By Boniface Mithika   2023-12-03 15:18:52

"I was advised to treat everyone in Nairobi with suspicion so as to be safe. This meant I was always aware of my surroundings and didn’t trust anyone at all.”

'Activate Nairobi' wraps up 16 days of activism with movie screening, comedy show

By Boniface Mithika   2023-12-07 10:54:05

The initiative has planned an evening filled with both depth and laughter for Nairobi's residents.

Eric Musyoka brings Gengetone and Rhumba to 'Twende'

By Boniface Mithika   2023-12-07 12:21:31

Producer Eric Musyoka has made a name for himself not only in the Kenyan music industry but also in the film and TV industry.

Why Star Wars Battlefront II is the worst video game to play this Christmas

By Boniface Mithika   2023-12-07 12:27:27

A new study has revealed the worst video game to play with your family this Christmas is Star Wars Battlefront II.   

Dreekz: I got VIP treatment on my first visit to Nai

By Boniface Mithika   2023-12-10 13:17:52

Dreekz’s natural lyricism and vocal harmonies fuse UK rap with the latest Afrobeat and Amapiano sounds to serve up a beautiful mix of the best of London and Nairobi.

Drill rapper XLVI K appointed as Chairman of Kenya Holy HipHop

By Boniface Mithika   2023-12-14 14:29:15

This unexpected appointment follows the release of his EP, "Son Rise."

Leaving behind annoying trends from 2023 in music

By Boniface Mithika   2023-12-14 14:47:31

In this trail, artistes remain at the top of the chain, but there are some tired tropes that they should ditch going forward.

Savinnah: I learnt life lessons from skating in town

By Boniface Mithika   2023-12-21 14:00:36

"I went on to become a background vocalist in 2019 for my classmate at the time, Nikita Kering’ and I learned quite a lot about the live music scene and artistry as a whole from her."

MDQ: I spent my entire salary on Sean Paul concert

By Boniface Mithika   2023-12-27 11:29:32

If I had more money, I would have gladly spent it on that show. Everything about the show - from the music, props, costumes, the dancer choreography and the lighting - blew my mind.

Zuchu spends Sh700,000 on a wig

By Boniface Mithika   2024-01-04 14:11:37

While many cry of the 'Njaanuary' blues, this doesn't seem to have an effect on her as reports has it that she recently spend $4,500 for a hairpiece.

Jaqueen: I lost my phone while visiting my boyfriend

By Boniface Mithika   2024-01-06 15:39:16

Although she is now well acquainted with Nairobi’s streets, she had no idea what was going on around her a short time ago, and the streets do not forgive.

Octopizzo open museum in honour of father

By Boniface Mithika   2024-01-11 15:03:07

Octopizzo has long spoken of his father's wisdom and guidance, crediting him with shaping his worldview and artistic spirit.

Faking Success: The rich beggars in Kenya's entertainment industry

By Boniface Mithika   2024-01-11 15:02:04

Gone are the days of self-made stars bootstrapping their way to success.

Evolution of music distribution

By Boniface Mithika   2024-02-02 11:32:35

From the scratchy crackle of a phonograph to the instantaneous boom of streaming, music distribution has been on a whirlwind journey, reshaping the very landscape of the music industry.