Kirsten Kanja

My life purpose is to work with the dead

By Kirsten Kanja   2023-07-01 10:39:51

The pain of losing her mother at an early age and later a friend set Ann Njoki on the path to becoming a mortician, to give families what she didn't get, empathy

You changed my life: Selena Gomez shows love to Nigerian singer Rema

By Kirsten Kanja   2023-07-03 18:19:07

The two stars worked together on the remix of Rema’s hit track "Calm Down"

Twitter Outage: Twitter temporarily limits usage

By Kirsten Kanja   2023-07-03 18:41:48

After users had trouble and delays accessing the social networking site through the weekend, billionaire owner Elon Musk announced the changes in policy

Tik-Tok past midnight: The explicit show

By Kirsten Kanja   2023-07-07 11:48:43

Dressed in a loose, white minidress, the young woman kneels suggestively on a bed and whines her waist for the camera.

How AI is shaping music, art of the future

By Kirsten Kanja   2023-07-07 19:12:06

There have been concerns about infringing copyright laws and damaging artiste’s brands with experts questioning how public can differentiate between real and fake

How AI is shaping music; art of the future

By Kirsten Kanja   2023-07-10 11:45:55

There have been concerns about infringing copyright laws and damaging artiste’s brands

Gloria Kyallo: I'm not in a rush to become a mum

By Kirsten Kanja   2023-07-14 10:35:19

Kenyan Reality Star Gloria Kyallo has been juggling school, work and love, and she appears to have struck a balance.

How it started vs how it's going: Malik Lemmy 'Govi'

By Kirsten Kanja   2023-07-14 11:18:24

He tells us about how Machachari came about. Playing the character Govi, a calm and collected child who solved problems...

Cold case of Tupac's death reopened for investigation

By Kirsten Kanja   2023-07-20 11:11:38

Authorities have reopened an investigation into the unsolved 1996 killing of the beloved American rapper Tupac Shakur

Lessons from the Hollywood writers' strike

By Kirsten Kanja   2023-07-19 22:04:54

If multimillionaire Hollywood stars are taking to the streets, is there something to learn for Kenyan actors and artistes, some of whom struggle to make ends meet? Are they getting a raw deal as well?

Here's what is happening with actor Jamie Foxx

By Kirsten Kanja   2023-07-20 16:37:56

His hospitalization sent shockwaves through the entertainment scene

It is Sodom and Gomorrah on TikTok streets after midnight

By Kirsten Kanja   2023-07-21 07:23:31

Kenya leads the world in TikTok usage, with 44 per cent of users preferring the platform

Why Kenyan film industry is watching Hollywood strike

By Kirsten Kanja   2023-07-21 10:51:34

The writers asked for several changes relating to their working conditions, compensation structure, and threats to their jobs including AI.

What it takes to create a club banger

By Kirsten Kanja   2023-07-21 13:52:53

You know you are deep in your feelings when you jump up in the club and say, “that is my song!”

Sol Fest VIP, 'Fan' shows explained

By Kirsten Kanja   2023-07-25 14:33:20

Sol Fest was a top trend on Tuesday after it emerged that there will be two separate concerts; VIP and 'Fan' shows.

Twitter's change to X and the evolution of social media apps

By Kirsten Kanja   2023-07-27 10:54:55

The drastic changes of Twitter (now X), are not the only changes that have hit the social media world recently.

Have gender reveals become 'too extra'?

By Kirsten Kanja   2023-07-27 11:42:39

Dyeing a waterfall pink may have been an extravagant way For Eric Omondi and Lynne to reveal their baby’s gender and it raised questions about pollution from a section of concerned fans online.

The deadly side of cosmetic surgery

By Kirsten Kanja   2023-07-29 09:32:22

Even though there are many success stories after people go under the knife, the mishaps that sometimes happen following procedures are rarely discussed

I'm lucky to be alive, Madonna says after leaving hospital

By Kirsten Kanja   2023-08-02 11:25:28

The 64 year old was hospitalized in the ICU in June after suffering from a bacterial infection

Euphoria actor Angus Cloud dead

By Kirsten Kanja   2023-08-02 10:26:28

Cloud was best known for playing the character Fezco, a sweet-natured drug dealer who cared deeply for Rue, played by Zendaya, in “Euphoria”