Pkemoi Ng'enoh

School feeding program that made Governor Sakaja cry gets Sh1.2 billion in City budget

By Pkemoi Ng'enoh   2023-07-01 16:08:36

County Executive Committee for Finance Charles Kerich who delivered the budget said the school feeding program will encourage students to attend school leading to an increase in enrollment.

Garbage trucks littering city roads to be denied licences

By Pkemoi Ng'enoh   2023-07-03 15:11:05

Almost every day, trash is taken to the dumpsite through various routes. Unfortunately, some of the waste spills from the trucks, leaving behind a foul smell.

Mystery of unending fires in city markets leaves more queries than answers

By Pkemoi Ng'enoh   2023-07-04 10:29:35

Since 2021, Gikomba has experienced seven fire incidents. The trend has left traders in fear with some of them asking county government to install CCTV cameras as a deterrent.

MCA proposes renaming Toi Market after Raila Odinga

By Pkemoi Ng'enoh   2023-07-04 12:28:59

"We are planning to bring another motion to change Toi Market into Raila Odinga Market so that we can safeguard the legacy of this market through a legend."

Sh1.2 billion set aside to feed school children in Nairobi

By Pkemoi Ng'enoh   2023-07-09 23:26:33

Sakaja defended himself for shedding tears in public, saying that he gets emotional whenever he remembers the struggles of some children who go to school while hungry.

MCAs angry for being denied cash for condoms

By Pkemoi Ng'enoh   2023-07-14 14:16:34

“Next time, when you allocate Sh50 million for women’s pads, something should be set aside for condoms for men to take care of themselves.”

Shakahola massacre report unpacks workings of the mind of a cultist

By Pkemoi Ng'enoh   2023-07-15 14:07:01

Cult leaders are often manipulative and employ psychological techniques such as love bombing, isolation and manipulation of information to gain and maintain control. 

My plan is to transfer my aviation experience to the matatu sector

By Pkemoi Ng'enoh   2023-07-31 18:33:14

If inspections were vigorous and thorough, we wouldn’t have un-roadworthy vehicles on our roads. Concerned authorities wait until an accident occurs to look into the condition of the car

City sex workers felt the heat of maandamano too

By Pkemoi Ng'enoh   2023-08-01 11:11:19

Those who are pro-protests claim that they are pushing for the cost of living to be lowered. Whenever the country is not stable everyone including Mama mbogas are affected.

Wild animals disturbing the dead at Lang'ata Cemetery

By Pkemoi Ng'enoh   2023-08-04 13:43:43

Odiwour claims some of the graves are shallow, posing health risks to the public. He has asked the Ministry of Health to do an assessment of risks posed by the continued use of the cemetery.

City MCA's risk losing seats for skipping sessions

By Pkemoi Ng'enoh   2023-08-08 18:40:10

“We are supposed to have three sessions in a week but last week for instance we had only one session,” Ngondi stated.

South B residents demand county to protect prime land

By Pkemoi Ng'enoh   2023-08-28 11:02:31

Irate residents who brought down the fence want authorities to secure the land where a proposed modern market is supposed to be constructed. 

Climate summit leaves city hookers high and dry

By Pkemoi Ng'enoh   2023-09-11 16:05:42

We have been preparing for the Summit so that we can entertain visitors who want to experience the city life at night but county askaris have been ruthless on us.

Do men of God need degrees?

By Pkemoi Ng'enoh   2023-09-15 13:31:04

The degree debate was ignited by Mombasa-based bishop, Daniel Wandabula who said acquiring the academic documents would prevent worshipers from being exposed to rogue clerics.

Nairobi County deploys 2,500 youths to Sub-counties ahead of the El Nino rains

By Pkemoi Ng'enoh   2023-09-14 17:10:59

"We have deployed them, deepening on the number of wards in the Sub-county and the number of hotspots we identified" Otieno.

Kenyan politicians fight over city toilets

By Pkemoi Ng'enoh   2023-09-15 15:46:23

The reoccurring problems over control are now haunting Governor Sakaja’s administration that swept to power on the platform of restoring order and dignity in the city.

Auditor General raises red flag over expenditure by Nairobi assembly

By Pkemoi Ng'enoh   2023-09-25 16:48:55

According to the Auditor General report for the financial year 2021-2022, the assembly paid for the travel but the same was not supported by payment vouchers or approvals.

Ex-Nairobi County workers protest outside Sakaja's office over jobs

By Pkemoi Ng'enoh   2023-09-26 16:53:09

Premises around City Hall and outside the governor’s office were turned into noisy environs by the group demandinmg that their pleas be heard.

South B residents protest over market space in dispute

By Pkemoi Ng'enoh   2023-09-26 17:51:22

Residents of South B estate in Nairobi staged a peaceful demonstration on Tuesday morning to oppose a private developer’s plan to take over public land.

Blow to Sakaja as MCAs extend public participation on Finance Bill for 30 days

By Pkemoi Ng'enoh   2023-09-28 19:00:17

The Budget committee says it needs 30 more days after city residents rejected the Finance Bill, 2023, terming it punitive.