Jael Musumba

Steve Biko: Only wash wash guys have big money

By Jael Musumba   2023-07-03 08:34:34

It is not the role of the Kenyan government to directly provide homes for its citizens. Kenya operates as a capitalist state, not a socialist one.

Papa Shirandula's brother reveals actor's final wishes

By Jael Musumba   2023-07-18 12:33:11

We had many plans together, but since he is no longer here, I must carry on.

Vinc on The Beat: I got robbed by my fellow artistes

By Jael Musumba   2023-08-07 15:56:16

"I was shocked that the same boys who beat me up and took my stuff were the same people I was supposed to record with. I did it silently and went my way."

Nairobi women slaying in hair, braids recycled from city dumpsites

By Jael Musumba   2023-09-02 03:01:48

At Korogocho, we encountered elegantly attired women of a higher socioeconomic class, navigating through the muddy and densely packed pathways in pursuit of this coveted commodity.

From a sex worker to Church Pastor

By Jael Musumba   2023-10-11 12:21:23

Once you get accustomed to quick money, it’s difficult to let it go. I had two main goals in this profession: money and revenge. I was a bitter woman seeking vengeance against men.

Young, widowed and poor: Meet wives of hardcore criminals

By Jael Musumba   2023-10-11 12:18:46

Traumatized, many of the widows struggle to cope, often resorting to prostitution and drug trafficking.

I've lost three men to bullets, now I am HIV positive

By Jael Musumba   2023-09-22 13:13:54

She is now raising the three boys who will never get the privilege of seeing their fathers.

I can't remember the last time we made love

By Jael Musumba   2023-09-19 17:24:41

Women have strange ways of stifling sex in marriage. She might ask for something and if you turn that request down, she feels there’s no need for her to meet your needs either.

COP28 asked to support Africa's livestock farmers

By Jael Musumba   2023-11-30 21:49:34

High-income countries at COP28 have been urged to ramp up investments to help Africa adapt its livestock systems to support the fastest-growing population on the planet.

Preacher: When my dream to be a police officer failed, I faked it

By Jael Musumba   2023-12-07 02:45:43

I survived narrowly as the crowd was baying for my blood. The police took me away. I can’t tell how I got to the police station alive because of the beating I got from the crowd.

No hope for street families as tough economy bites

By Jael Musumba   2023-12-15 12:14:42

His Christmas has always been spiced up by well-wishers who offer him food and clothes but this year, he has noted a drastic drop of support due to the tough economy

Infinix introduces three-variant Hot 40 series in Kenya

By Jael Musumba   2023-12-19 11:56:28

Infinix has officially introduced the HOT 40 series, adding to a list of its smartphone series in the country.

I sunk into deep depression due to troubled relations with my family

By Jael Musumba   2023-12-27 06:49:50

I was unproductive, couldn’t focus, and couldn’t find motivation to do anything, felt abandoned and lonely until I began ideation of self-destructive thoughts.

Rwandese musician Isacco banks on new video to share life experiences

By Jael Musumba   2024-02-14 12:28:37

The newest single dubbed ‘On S’amuse’ meaning we are having fun is directed by renowned filmmaker Julien Bmjizzo.

One on One with France-based Rwandese artist Murwanashyaka Nzabonimana aka Isacco

By Jael Musumba   2024-03-12 11:53:43

Murwanashyaka Nzabonimana popularly known as Isacco is a Rwandese artist who is based in France, he talked to Jael Musumba  on his recent winning of the Nshuti Awards for Best Male Diaspora Artist.