Dr. Ofweneke opens up about addiction, celebrates one month of sobriety

Media personality Dr. Ofweneke. (Courtesy)

Media personality Dr. Ofweneke has opened up about his journey to sobriety, revealing that he has been celebrating one month of being alcohol-free.

In an Instagram post, Dr. Ofweneke detailed his struggles with addiction and how he has found solace in his faith.

"From consuming an average of 2 whiskey bottles a day to celebrating my first month of being sober today," Dr. Ofweneke wrote.

He described a dramatic shift in his priorities, replacing alcohol with a focus on prayer and worship.

"My thirst has turned into spending time with God in prayer and worship," he continued, "I no longer feel physical, being in the spirit 24 hours and enjoying the presence of God and hearing from him is too sweet."

Dr. Ofweneke's post resonated with many, including fellow Kenyan celebrity Kush Tracey, who commented, "I'm 1yr 5months completely sober, we soldier on, the grace is sufficient."

This is not the first time Dr. Ofweneke has spoken about his religious beliefs.

In a 2021 interview, he revealed that he is an ordained pastor who took a break from active ministry to focus on his career.

"There was a time that I took a break from church cause I knew the church would understand my career," he explained, referencing the potential conflict between his public persona and his religious calling.

Dr. Ofweneke also expressed a desire to rekindle his faith saying, "I was just sharing with my close friend Akothee that I should go back to church. It is very weird that our generation thinks that it is bad to boldly attach yourself to God.”

He challenged the misconception that religious devotion is incompatible with success.

"We think that it is uncool and that we will lose some things. But that isn't true to me," he argued, citing examples of successful Kenyan celebrities who are open about their faith.


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