Ann Veronicah

Azziad Nasenya's steady rise to fame

By Ann Veronicah   2023-07-02 17:31:21

Apart from being an actor, professionally, she is a broadcast journalist.

The Impact: How the Finance Act will affect personal budget

By Ann Veronicah   2023-07-03 19:08:55

The live broadcast will give a chance to wananchi in major towns a chance to raise their views.

Six shortlisted for CBK chairperson post

By Ann Veronicah   2023-07-04 16:27:02

All six candidates as male with interviews set for Wednesday, July 12.

Easy recipe: Spicy hot matoke

By Ann Veronicah   2023-07-05 10:09:04

There are several ways to prepare matoke including mashing, roasting, and frying but today, we will learn how to spice up stewed matoke

Explainer: Alternative means of transport you can explore as matatu fares rise

By Ann Veronicah   2023-07-07 14:44:16

The reality of the situation is that there are other unpopular means of public transport that commuters can opt for.

Health benefits of eating watermelon

By Ann Veronicah   2023-07-07 12:27:27

A healthy watermelon is made up of 90 per cent water, six per cent sugar, lycopene, manganese, Vitamin C and 0.15 grams of fat

Joe Munene appointed Acting Standard Group CEO

By Ann Veronicah   2023-07-07 16:36:50

Joe Munene replaces Orlando Lyomu who has been at the helm since 2018.

Best way to cook kamande

By Ann Veronicah   2023-07-08 10:12:15

When properly boiled, kamande forms a sweet stew and we shall be learning how to spice them with peanut and milk

Wambui: I'll sustain Bob's jazz legacy

By Ann Veronicah   2023-07-08 13:51:50

To commemorate his death, his widow, Wambui Kamiru, has initiated the Bob Collymore International Jazz Festival that was held on July 1, which is the day he rested.

Raila boards matatu to work

By Ann Veronicah   2023-07-10 17:39:21

Raila said he needed to share the everyday feeling of Kenyans.

Photos: Raila's day in Nairobi CBD

By Ann Veronicah   2023-07-10 19:51:41

Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga had quite an eventful day on Monday.

Raila boards matatu to city in show of solidarity with Kenyans

By Ann Veronicah   2023-07-11 07:56:43

Blaring with music and driven in the usual Kenyan matatu style was what Azimio la Umoja Coalition leader Raila Odinga experienced as he headed to Nairobi city centre yesterday morning.

How Kenyan nurses can apply for jobs in Saudi Arabia-ministry

By Ann Veronicah   2023-07-11 18:07:20

Ministry of Labour announces nursing jobs in Saudi Arabia with lucrative salaries

Karua, Kioni, Munya board motorbikes after police blocked their motorcade

By Ann Veronicah   2023-07-12 19:40:38

Martha Karua, Jeremiah Kioni and Peter Munya were forced to use motorbikes to access the other side of Meru Town after police officers blocked their motorcade.

Waiguru, Murkomen strongly condemn property destruction in protests

By Ann Veronicah   2023-07-13 13:31:46

A section of leaders have strongly condemned destruction of property during Wednesday's demonstrations.

Making finger lickin' chicken

By Ann Veronicah   2023-07-14 10:56:30

Generally, chicken is a really tasty meal. You can now imagine how much a chicken made with the right spices will leave you drooling

Health benefits of taking grapes

By Ann Veronicah   2023-07-14 11:15:34

Grapes are an interesting fruit as they can be consumed in different forms. They can be dried up to form raisins or transformed into jellies, juices or wine

UNICEF's safety concerns after pupils teargassed during protests

By Ann Veronicah   2023-07-14 13:16:36

The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has condemned an incident where school-going children were teargassed in Kangemi, Nairobi.

Civil Registration Services now available in Tana River County

By Ann Veronicah   2023-07-14 16:38:58

A new Civil Registration Service (CRS) office has been launched in Bura constituency, Tana River County.

Co-parenting is a messy situation most couples regret

By Ann Veronicah   2023-07-15 09:39:31

Unconventional relationships further add to the co-parenting chaos. A married woman confessed that she was ready to have a child with her baby daddy.