Alfayo Onyango

One-on-one with Betty Kithinji

By Alfayo Onyango   2023-11-10 12:58:29

Betty Kithinji is an award-winning talent manager, broadcaster and visual producer.

Sauti Sol: End of the beginning

By Alfayo Onyango   2023-11-10 13:23:58

“We were first called Voice in the Light while members of an acapella group at Upper Hill High School. This was myself, Chimano and Delvo (Savara). Polycarp joined us after,” says Bien. 

Best Kenyan albums of 2023

By Alfayo Onyango   2023-11-17 12:45:46

Kenyan musicians have outdone themselves this year by releasing some of the best music albums. We look at some of them and the work that was put in to deliver the final masterpiece.

Kendrick Lamar lights up East Africa

By Alfayo Onyango   2023-12-14 14:38:57

The last time Kendrick Lamar visited Africa was in 2013 for a monumental trip to South Africa.

Most anticipated albums of 2024

By Alfayo Onyango   2024-01-04 14:18:45

Nyashinski has been active in the music space with multiple singles and capsule tracks like 'Good To Me'.

Kenyan stars taking on the world

By Alfayo Onyango   2024-01-11 14:52:32

In recent years, the Kenyan entertainment industry has witnessed an unprecedented surge in international recognition and success.

Vallerie Muthoni's second coming

By Alfayo Onyango   2024-01-21 13:44:45

Vallerie Muthoni has charged the music industry with her latest single 'sexy'. We explore how the first single off her forthcoming EP became the anthem for the holidays

Alt girls run the world

By Alfayo Onyango   2024-03-08 09:36:53

While acts such as Nadia Mukami, Sanaipei Tande, Jovial, Akothee, Femi One and, more recently, Ssaru are excelling in the mainstream space, it is the Alt Kenyan scene that is making waves

Rise of independent record labels in Kenya

By Alfayo Onyango   2024-03-29 11:31:38

Some brave and ambitious Kenyan artistes are creating their labels and building a new music industry altogether without much gatekeeping and are making a killing out of it. 

Eddie Butita: From Churchill Show to the world

By Alfayo Onyango   2024-05-17 13:30:13

On to the digital era of comedy where many can use smartphones and entertain millions at ease more so through skits, Butita has dominated the space fervently. 

DJ Mura and Ally Fresh bringing insights to their new LP, 'Nyumbani'

By Alfayo Onyango   2024-05-24 12:59:12

DJ Mura and Ally Fresh are ministers of the groovy genre in the Oontz scene. They talk about the project, Nairobi nightlife and their latest LP 'Nyumbani'.

Back to our roots: The rise and rise of ethnic pop culture

By Alfayo Onyango   2024-06-14 10:57:20

Anthems such as Sofiya Nzau’s Mwaki and Fully Focus’ Kikuyu House EP are gifts that are true cardinals to Kenyan heritage, with a blend of contemporary sounds.