Silas Nyamweya

How CBC platform is keeping students busy during holiday

By Silas Nyamweya   2023-11-13 10:55:14

Maundu launched his CBC learning app early last year to meet the needs of the CBC learner in all aspects of the learning process.

Argwings Kodhek: First black lawyer in EA was an achiever

By Silas Nyamweya   2023-11-16 12:27:41

Kodhek used his education to push for independence, particularly in relation to colonial injustices. He employed his legal expertise to defend Mau Mau fighters in court.

I never let the 'curse' of being born out of wedlock cloud my dreams

By Silas Nyamweya   2023-11-17 09:55:56

Joy Mugambi had a tough upbringing that almost made her lose hope of ever making it in life. But today she is a doctor and a gospel artiste. Here's her story

I overcame 'curse' of being born out of wedlock to find my calling

By Silas Nyamweya   2023-11-19 10:41:36

As a society, we need to understand that children born out of wedlock have not done anything wrong to deserve mistreatment or segregation.

Precast building technology is the future of construction

By Silas Nyamweya   2023-11-21 09:53:50

It is fast, thereby reducing the time it takes to construct a house. It is cheaper, reducing the cost of construction. It also reduces the wastage of construction materials and the cost of finishes.

I make a fortune providing import, export consultancy

By Silas Nyamweya   2023-11-29 02:55:25

Generally, imports and exports are actually a risk business because you are dealing with someone who is not in the same jurisdiction legally and so you need to learn how to create relationships.

Njoroge Mungai: Icon in Kenya's struggle for independence

By Silas Nyamweya   2023-11-29 15:24:46

Upon the arrest of Kenyatta during the colonial period, Mungai was assigned to be his personal physician, a function he played until when Kenyatta died.

Mwangi: Training others on rabbit farming pays me well

By Silas Nyamweya   2023-12-05 08:52:15

A family that keeps rabbits can easily slaughter one and get animal proteins. Keeping chickens is a common practice in Kenya. We can do the same with rabbits.

Moi ally Joseph Kamotho was a loyalist with a heart of gold

By Silas Nyamweya   2023-12-11 10:41:18

For many years, Kenyans associated Kamotho with riches owing to his numerous contributions during different functions, especially harambees.

Liz Bleey: Music has helped me express myself and connect with people

By Silas Nyamweya   2023-12-17 12:23:49

I believe music has the power to transcend boundaries and touch people’s hearts, regardless of their background or beliefs. So, secular music allows me to do just that.

Treasury CS: Debts by Uhuru government are hitting us hard

By Silas Nyamweya   2023-12-18 08:30:45

Right now, we are paying for the past debts and the burden is hitting us so bad since we cannot default, we have to look for means of repaying them by all means possible.

I make a living from growing herbs spices- Ibrahim Kamau

By Silas Nyamweya   2023-12-19 22:01:48

I’m not a certified herbalist. I sensitize society by sharing insights and providing seedlings as opposed to diagnosing and prescribing medicine.

Rev. Wainaina to politicians: Leave spiritual matters to those called to serve God

By Silas Nyamweya   2024-01-08 13:23:24

We have a responsibility to make our country a comfortable place to live in. My role as a pastor just like Jesus did is to challenge the structures of the time.

Daniel Maundu: I wasted 7 years working for a drug baron

By Silas Nyamweya   2024-01-09 07:58:26

He had never touched drugs from childhood, but the peer pressure was too much for him. He first tried alcohol but found it bitter. However, he got used to the taste with time.

I make sweet bucks grafting mango, avocado seedlings

By Silas Nyamweya   2024-02-05 13:28:01

To satisfy the demand for grafted seedlings, James Karanja Kimani took a step to fill the gap. He is now a grafted seedling supplier not only in Kiambu, but in several parts of Kenya.

I make money giving mental health wellness care to kids

By Silas Nyamweya   2024-03-07 11:26:56

Art therapy enriches the lives of individuals, families, and communities through active art-making, creative processes and human experience within a psychotherapeutic relationship

Mulu Mutisya: An 'Illiterate genius' who became a legend in Kenya's political arena

By Silas Nyamweya   2024-05-02 16:41:19

The “father of the Kamba Community” is said to have passed his leadership mantle to Kalonzo Musyoka. 

How value addition built my lucrative sunflower empire

By Silas Nyamweya   2024-05-13 10:01:39

The primary form of sunflower value addition is extracting oil from sunflower seeds.

Ken Walibora: Swahili literary master whose legacy still lingers on

By Silas Nyamweya   2024-05-14 14:29:55

Since his demise, the interest on his life and books, particularly ‘Kidagaa Kimemwozea’, Siku Njema, Ndoto ya Almasi, Damu Nyeusi and Tuzo has grown.

Trash to cash: Entrepreneur turning fish waste to millions

By Silas Nyamweya   2024-05-20 11:56:24

How young entrepreneur turns fish waste into valuable products