Mary Imenza

Why comrade pleaded for a drink from magistrate

By Mary Imenza   2023-07-02 17:16:10

The comrade-cum bartender, pleaded with the court to return his drinks to enable him to complete his degree

Farmers in Western warned against selling maize at throwaway prices

By Mary Imenza   2023-08-03 10:12:33

Kenya National Farmers’ Federation (KENAFF) coordinator for Western and Nyanza Pius Akhonya regretted that some farmers are currently selling a 2-kilogram tin of maize at Sh80.

Burial Rights: Customs tested in court as wives fight to bury man

By Mary Imenza   2023-08-03 18:54:31

The High Court in Kakamega has ordered the body of a man be buried in front of his permanent house after staying in the morgue for four years.

I fear no one, I will sue you when you violate my rights

By Mary Imenza   2023-08-25 05:50:29

For the few months I have been in the assembly, I have fought serious battles and as a result, I have picked up a lot of courage along the way.

Two boys tell how they were allegedly defiled by an 18-year-old woman

By Mary Imenza   2023-08-25 20:10:24

The minors appeared before Principal Magistrate Joseph Ndururi, to testify against the woman who is accused of defiling them on February 13 and 14 at Emusala village in Kakamega.

Preacher's wife seeks divorce over dry spell

By Mary Imenza   2023-08-29 02:19:15

According to the woman, she last had sex on January 6, 2019, with her husband who is the petitioner in a miscellaneous case.

Mudavadi asks western to rally behind Ruto

By Mary Imenza   2023-09-01 14:00:02

Mudavadi argued the Luhya community stood better chance to benefit from Ruto’s administration as compared to the previous regimes.

Man admits obtaining Sh1.2m over KDF jobs

By Mary Imenza   2023-09-14 21:39:47

Families claim the fraudster approached them promising to help their children get jobs, with reports that the man is a repeat offender serving another three-year sentence.

Khalwale wants Kuria sacked over remarks

By Mary Imenza   2023-09-18 13:38:04

"President Ruto, dismiss these individuals; otherwise, your government will be negatively portrayed, even in smaller events like this one," said Khalwale.

For four years, my husband denied me conjugal rights

By Mary Imenza   2023-09-22 13:42:05

Anne further accused Nicodemus of being cruel to her, quarrelsome, abusive, and constantly threatening to commit suicide.

Contagious scabies scare reported at Kakamega GK Prison

By Mary Imenza   2023-09-25 00:51:37

The male inmates at the facility have been battling an outbreak of scabies, a contagious skin condition caused by the human itch mites that burrow into the skin.

Otuoma tells leaders to stop politicking, champion development

By Mary Imenza   2023-10-09 10:26:16

Busia Governor Paul Otuoma and Woman Representative Catherine Omanyo have asked local leaders to stop politicking and focus on development.

My son murdered his own mother

By Mary Imenza   2023-10-13 22:33:32

An outraged father declared he could never forgive his son for murdering his second wife.

Woman convicted of murder freed after 13 years

By Mary Imenza   2023-10-16 17:36:20

I was just 15 years old when I was sentenced but I am now a grown woman almost hitting my 30s having spent the better part of my productive years behind bars.

Father asks court to charge his son with wife's murder

By Mary Imenza   2023-10-15 14:02:53

The outraged father said that his son was volatile and that on that day, Makokha fatally killed his stepmother and beat him, leaving him with life-threatening injuries.

Single-mum 'extremely sorry' for killing grandmother

By Mary Imenza   2023-10-16 11:46:17

The grandmother had struck her with her walking stick before she shoved her aside to the ground where bled to death.

Nurse accused of killing her two children demands hearing of case

By Mary Imenza   2023-10-18 16:10:51

Ms Pherine Maero laments that her case has taken too long as she continues to suffer in police cells, and also demands to be freed on bond.

Imposter jailed for obtaining Sh1.2m in KDF jobs swindle

By Mary Imenza   2023-10-19 12:35:26

A man who pleaded guilty to obtaining Sh1.2 million by promising jobs in the Kenya Defence Forces has been sentenced to two years in prison.

Omtatah opposes Busia stadium relocation plan

By Mary Imenza   2023-10-20 00:00:58

Okiya Omtatah contends that the proposal to move the stadium to the Busia Agricultural Training Centre did not follow the legal requirement of public participation.

I have a right to bond: Says nurse linked to murder of her children

By Mary Imenza   2023-10-24 07:11:20

Maero said her case had taken almost a year and some months as the hearing kept being postponed