Amos Kareithi

Let down till death: No place for Miceere at Uhuru Park

By Amos Kareithi   2023-07-03 19:10:15

Like Kimathi and other heroes and heroines, Miceere was tried by the State and found undeserving of any state honour.

Students caught in the middle as professors battle for Sh9b hospital

By Amos Kareithi   2023-07-06 14:04:35

A fight between the head of Kenyatta University and his former boss chairing the board of the KUTRRH is jeopardising the fate of about 2,000 students pursuing medicine courses.

How violent campaigns were nurtured 60 years ago

By Amos Kareithi   2023-07-07 19:36:31

When a self-taught teacher, Shompole Leroka, signed up with Kanu and declared his interest for the Kajiado North seat, little did he know that he had unwittingly signed his death warrant.

Love, Waiyaki and ensuing massacre over dowry dispute

By Amos Kareithi   2023-07-10 19:52:48

When an angry Waiyaki went to Fort Smith to confront Purkis over the massacre of his people in Githiiga, he was overpowered and chained to a pole. He later died on his way to Mombasa.

Return to original police brutality scene a century later

By Amos Kareithi   2023-07-10 14:37:14

Teargassing an 87-year-old lawyer, Dr John Khaminwa and former Chief Justice Dr Willy Mutunga (77) inside a police station was quite a spectacle!

How family acquired land in Thika for pineapple empire

By Amos Kareithi   2023-07-14 19:55:25

After waiting for 119 years, the locals feel that it is time to reclaim part of the ancestral land they lost to colonial settlers.

Bulgaria trip: Genesis of Kenya's first scholarship scam

By Amos Kareithi   2023-07-17 15:48:22

A senior minister, who Matiba does not name, conspired with the Bulgarian government to carry out the scheme, leaving the Kenya government with an egg on its face.

How some chiefs morphed into powerful politicians

By Amos Kareithi   2023-07-17 21:08:43

There was a time chief could dare dream of becoming senior government officers away from the drinking dens where they spent most of their time battling with chan'gaa brewers

When the government organised its demonstration

By Amos Kareithi   2023-07-18 22:28:20

It was quite a cinema as the president witnessed a flypast by the Kenya Air Force.

Sending errant children to South Africa to be reformed

By Amos Kareithi   2023-07-24 19:04:44

Juveniles found guilty in Kenya could be transported to South Africa where they could serve their time and later brought back home once they were reformed.

How Mwea was immortalised as Kenya's headquarters of torture

By Amos Kareithi   2023-07-26 06:03:00

Mwea, conjures up images of tortured freedom fighters being stripped naked by overbearing white colonial officers hell-bent to make them disown their freedom struggle.

How chief licensing officer helped Njonjo smuggle guns

By Amos Kareithi   2023-07-28 16:57:00

Charles Mugane Njonjo, while serving as the constitutional minister, was exposed to public ridicule after he was accused of using his office to help his friends import guns.

Why State banned chiefs from joining political parties

By Amos Kareithi   2023-07-31 20:36:40

Such was the predicament the government found itself in when a cabal of influential chiefs with the backing of rich families from Kiambu formed an association.

How Bob Marley's reggae music sustained 1982 coup

By Amos Kareithi   2023-09-18 07:51:32

The reggae music from Voice of Kenya, studios was, however, unceremoniously halted when the plotters who lacked firepower and proper planning were overwhelmed.

Choruses and amen chants once reigned at Parliament

By Amos Kareithi   2023-08-03 20:11:24

Kenya's most heavily secured square, where more than 400 honourable members earn a living by shouting ayes and nays to make laws was once holy grounds.

Big bang that scarred Kenya and changed city's skyline

By Amos Kareithi   2023-08-07 15:41:20

When explosions went off at around 10.30 am on August 7, 1998, the ensuing chaos united the country in grief and the world in fear.

Hangman who hanged criminals for £5, gave discounts

By Amos Kareithi   2023-08-09 15:03:53

Robert Marshal outsmarted other hangmen after he presented a tender of £5 (Sh911) for every white person he hanged and Sh£1 (Sh140) for an African. He offered to hang Asians for free.

'Patriot' who formed militia but was accused of treason

By Amos Kareithi   2023-08-11 15:12:09

Besides recruiting 50 highly trained military officers to neutralise the political threat he perceived to be facing the country, Muthemba also used his own money to buy specialised guns

Ray of hope for peasants' 50-year battle to claim ranch

By Amos Kareithi   2023-08-13 18:35:01

Gucokaniriria Kihato Farmers and Traders Company held its first Annual General Meeting (AGM) since 2006 on Thursday last week, after years of protracted legal battles between rival camps.

Daunting task of housing, taxing impoverished Kenyans

By Amos Kareithi   2023-08-22 00:49:56

The government has unwittingly borrowed from the hut tax which was introduced by the colonial government to force Africans to seek jobs from the settlers.