Yvonne Chepkwony

Greeter who rose to own chain of fashion shops in Nakuru's CBD

By Yvonne Chepkwony   2023-07-05 15:37:43

Against all the odds, George Mburu has risen from being a greeter to owning a thriving fashion business in Nakuru’s central business district (CBD).

Union threatens to sue Nakuru governor for terminating contracts of clinical officers

By Yvonne Chepkwony   2023-07-06 10:23:45

Union laments that the county government let go of experienced health workers which has affected service delivery in public hospitals.

Clinical officers threaten to sue Kihika for terminating contracts

By Yvonne Chepkwony   2023-07-06 17:56:30

Health officers have threatened to sue Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika if she does not reinstate health officers whose contracts expired last month

What it takes to create and run an e-commerce platform

By Yvonne Chepkwony   2023-07-11 16:24:19

The ever-evolving technology space has created a platform enabling young innovators to develop applications earning thousands of shillings.

Simple crochet hobby that turned into a fashion business venture

By Yvonne Chepkwony   2023-07-19 04:09:29

Ms Cherotich, who hails from Kericho County, exhibits unique crochet hand-crafted bags in both small and big sizes which are elegant and classic.

Lack of medicine, equipment ails Baringo

By Yvonne Chepkwony   2023-07-21 15:53:03

Some hospitals are staring at closure, a move that may leave Baringo residents at the mercy of either accessing medical services in private hospitals or neighbouring counties.

Discovery Community: Boda boda chama that grew into multi-million shilling Sacco

By Yvonne Chepkwony   2023-07-26 14:36:44

In Nakuru City, a group of motorcycle taxis popularly known as boda-boda riders have come together to start their own Sacco known as the Discovery Community Boda Boda.

Joseck Thuo: Former Nakuru mayor who carried his will in the car until his death

By Yvonne Chepkwony   2023-08-01 16:32:44

When traveling in a V8, the driver placed the document in the glove compartment, but when using the Mercedes, he would place it in the handrest compartment in the back seat.

How to boost soil vitality

By Yvonne Chepkwony   2023-08-02 12:41:23

Organic pesticides help the plant grow healthier, which is safe for human consumption and the environment

Man to serve 30 years in jail for vandalising Kenya Power equipment

By Yvonne Chepkwony   2023-08-02 14:39:54

The court heard that the man has another pending case of vandalising Kenya Power equipment.

Lawyer juggling legal practice and entrepreneurship shares business and life lessons

By Yvonne Chepkwony   2023-08-09 02:48:13

Gordon Ogola advises beginners to conduct feasibility studies by engaging people in the business to learn about the challenges and opportunities.

I was raped in cell, phone theft suspect tells magistrate

By Yvonne Chepkwony   2023-08-16 21:14:39

The woman was arrested at Flamingo Estate on Sunday evening over claims she stole a Samsung Galaxy phone and cash, all valued at Sh23,548.

Martha Waititu; Former school secretary making waves in construction

By Yvonne Chepkwony   2023-08-23 14:34:59

Ms Waititu took the plunge 10 years ago after identifying a gap in the supply of modern hollow concrete blocks in the male-dominated industry.

Man wins Sh500,000 suit against a betting company

By Yvonne Chepkwony   2023-08-24 23:40:09

David Juma in a suit had alleged that he predicted eight football matches which he won on February 17, 2023, and was supposed to be awarded a jackpot prize of Sh500,000.

Senior prison officer in trouble for defrauding neighbour

By Yvonne Chepkwony   2023-09-06 15:34:45

The prisoner warder admitted to collecting Sh840,000 under the pretext of securing him employment.

Officer in trouble for defrauding job seeker

By Yvonne Chepkwony   2023-09-06 23:12:39

The senior prison warder is accused of defrauding her neighbour of Sh840,000 under the pretext of securing him a job.

Court orders lawyer to pay farmers Sh86m

By Yvonne Chepkwony   2023-09-19 18:50:17

Justice Heston Nyaga today issued the orders against lawyer Ezekial Simiyu in a suit emanating from a settlement of a claim filed by Wanyororo farmers against Attorney General in 1993.

Hunger for growth pushes hotelier into untapped Swahili food business

By Yvonne Chepkwony   2023-10-03 18:40:17

Jamia Food Mart and Eagle Palace Hotel situated along Oginga Odinga Street in Nakuru, have become go-to places for customers seeking unique services and delectable dishes.

Private children's homes to be shut down in 8 years

By Yvonne Chepkwony   2023-10-09 05:56:56

The government aims to regulate and monitor children's development while also combatting trafficking.

Bondeni OCS summoned in court over MP's defilement case

By Yvonne Chepkwony   2023-10-09 22:07:08

The case has not progressed to a hearing since 2018, prompting the victim's lawyer to protest. Court says delay caused by transfer of five magistrates who were handling the case.