Alexander Chagema

The Abashu: A clan which buries elders squatting inside their own houses

By Alexander Chagema   2023-07-09 19:43:48

The corpse is interred in a relaxed, sleeping position to symbolise taking a rest. Great leaders are buried in a squatting position wrapped in fresh bull’s skin.

Mudavadi's 'aloofness' might cost him dearly in 2032

By Alexander Chagema   2023-07-14 19:57:01

It is not lost on observers that Mudavadi and Wetangula are not as thick as thieves in their quest for oneness and bid to build a political juggernaut for 2032. They are hardly seen together.

Chance to steer KK ship clear of iceberg is being wasted

By Alexander Chagema   2023-07-20 15:46:30

The tragedy aboard the KK liner is that the navigation officers, chief, second and third mates, deckhand and engineers have all assured the captain that the iceberg is harmless.

Unemployment driving youth to an early grave

By Alexander Chagema   2023-08-23 13:34:25

Millions of job-hunting graduates feel betrayed by the government’s inability to create enough jobs.

Malala: The 'gadfly' in Luhya leadership matrix

By Alexander Chagema   2023-08-26 19:55:42

Given his growing influence, questions have arisen on whether Malala will join Mudavadi and Wetangula in creating a formidable voting block or throw the spanner in the works.

No vacancies: Depression and death dog jobless degree holders

By Alexander Chagema   2023-08-26 15:32:54

The number of jobless Kenyans grew to 2.97 million in the last quarter of 2022. Millions of job-hunting graduates feel betrayed by State’s inability to create enough jobs.

Malala's sustained attacks on Mudavadi and Wetangula cause jitters

By Alexander Chagema   2023-09-27 15:13:09

Malala has been pushing for the disbandment of Mudavadi's UDA and Ford Kenya of Moses Wetang'ula so they can join President Ruto's UDA.

Why Cherargei's proposal on term limit is driven by sentiment

By Alexander Chagema   2023-09-28 20:55:18

Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei’s proposal to extend the presidential term to seven years lacks foundational basis. It draws more from sentiment than anything else.

Malala upbeat he will retain SG position during December UDA elections

By Alexander Chagema   2023-10-03 10:46:55

Pundit says Malala may retain the SG seat during UDA December elections because he has the backing of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

Mudavadi's clout gets bigger, but will it help turn Western yellow?

By Alexander Chagema   2023-10-06 20:04:07

President William Ruto’s move to reshuffle his Cabinet on Wednesday has given Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi a bigger clout both locally and internationally.

Pressure on Malala to quit as leadership wrangles rock UDA in western Kenya

By Alexander Chagema   2023-10-13 13:31:27

Several leaders from Western Kenya have accused UDA's acting secretary general Malala of rocking the party from within and they want him out of the President's outfit.

Agony of families as bats cause havoc in homesteads

By Alexander Chagema   2023-10-16 12:21:50

The loud noise the mammals make and their smelly droppings are a nuisance.

Greatest wish of nurse who oversaw the birth of a president

By Alexander Chagema   2023-10-30 21:07:27

Shivonje shot to the national limelight in 2017 following the revelation that she was the nurse who helped Mama Ngina Kenyatta deliver a baby boy at the Aga Khan hospital on October 26, 1961. 

Invest more in education and stop outlawed levies

By Alexander Chagema   2023-10-31 02:33:15

The government should make education truly free and stop its pursuit from being a major poverty creation factor.

Fuel stations close as pump sales drop amid shrinking profits and high business costs

By Alexander Chagema   2023-11-09 01:57:25

Small oil dealers are feeling the pinch and some of them are being driven out of a business they have run for years.

Kenya Kwanza leaders speaking at cross-purposes

By Alexander Chagema   2023-11-25 19:47:50

Claims by Azimio that the government is pulling wool over the eyes of Kenyans; and that there is no deal between Kenya and Saudi Arabia were vehemently denied by Kimani Ichung'wah.

Hospital's modern equipment gives patients new lease of life

By Alexander Chagema   2023-11-26 14:21:58

“In some of the hospitals, they only tested for malaria and blood pressure because they lacked equipment. Doctors say I have an internal wound that leaks blood."

Busia man buys third coffin while awaiting death

By Alexander Chagema   2023-12-25 21:26:33

The 88-year-old father of 19 says he'll upgrade the coffin if he sees a better design. While some elders have reproved him, others think it's an idea to be copied.

Why Ruto should consider quitting presidency and taking top AU job

By Alexander Chagema   2024-01-12 02:57:02

Ruto is the man to drive the African Union Commission to greater heights, but to do so, he must relinquish Kenya’s presidency.

Vihiga abuzz with beekeeping success

By Alexander Chagema   2024-01-11 12:36:22

I started with three beehives but have since expanded and nowadays I make and sell beehives. Each costs Sh4,000 and their demand is high