The Nairobian Team

Hiked chicken, mbuzi prices mean Kenyans won't enjoy usual Christmas

By The Nairobian team   2023-12-25 09:27:23

Food enthusiasts are expressing their dismay as the prices of delicacies such as chicken (kuku choma), lamb (kondoo), and goat meat (mbuzi choma) have doubled.

Inside the raid on Uhuru Kenyatta's Northlands City

By The Nairobian team   2024-01-05 13:12:20

Reports indicate that security agencies were privy to the plot well in advance but failed to thwart the impending chaos, injecting an element of mystery and suspicion into the entire affair.

Who will exorcise demons on the countys' killer highways?

By The Nairobian team   2024-01-07 06:57:12

According to the relevant road and transport authorities, missing signposts and road marks, careless driving and narrow bridges along the highways are the major causes of the carnages.

Ohangla music rocked by claims of sexcapades and dark arts

By The Nairobian team   2024-05-24 12:44:36

Ohangla is once again on the rise but bubbling underneath lies a moral stain that is slowly but steadily ensnaring the industry: sex scandals, claims of witchcraft, and Ben 10s.