Mkala Mwaghesha

How artistes are surviving harsh economic times

By Mkala Mwaghesha   2024-02-09 09:25:32

It is becoming apparent that artistes are collectively broke. And never has that message been clearer than earlier this week, when Nonini and Ezekiel Mutua traded blows.

What's in a name

By Mkala Mwaghesha   2024-02-16 13:28:08

Names give brands a life, which in the arts, translates to awareness then popularity and depending on content and a bit of luck.

Royalty pains

By Mkala Mwaghesha   2024-02-16 13:46:58

For two weeks now, nothing has been making a louder buzz in showbiz than the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK).

Biggest hits of 2024 so far

By Mkala Mwaghesha   2024-03-15 11:05:31

From Mwaki to Tiktoker to Hizi Stance, the year is proving to be a warm one, with hits breaking streaming records and others ousting Afrobeat and Bongo Flava from charts.

Anything for views: From the daring to the stupid

By Mkala Mwaghesha   2024-04-12 09:45:55

In the UK, a young lady called ‘Miss Mizzy’ became famous, then infamous, and subsequently arrested for punching total strangers for social media views.

Podcast Power

By Mkala Mwaghesha   2024-04-19 10:09:40

Podcasts have well and truly taken over, giving a more youthful audience an alternative and easily accessible source of entertainment, news, life hacks and even employment. 

From Kapuka to Gengetone: The Evolution of Kenyan music

By Mkala Mwaghesha   2024-06-11 14:59:23

Before Arbantone became the talk of the town, Kenya's contemporary scene has seen a fight to define its sounds.