Maria Nene

Hepatitis B: Silent virus that ravages the liver

By Maria Nene   2023-07-31 17:37:54

According to Dr Missiani Ochwoto, a senior researcher and scientist at Kemri, hepatitis B is a viral liver infection caused by the hepatitis B (HBV) virus.

Diet tips to ensure your cerebral palsy child is healthy

By Maria Nene   2023-12-24 10:42:58

Dealing with a CP child requires the assessment of a multi-disciplinary team of a physician, physiotherapist, speech therapist, dentist and dietician when the child is first diagnosed.

The Color Purple: A tale of triumph

By Maria Nene   2024-04-21 10:00:08

There are two other adaptations of the emotional drama movie, but this one carries the mantle for now.