Marion Kithi

Shakahola death toll hits 384 after 12 more bodies exhumed

By Marion Kithi   2023-07-14 19:54:57

Shakahola death toll hits 384 after 12 more bodies were retrieved from seven graves on Thursday, July 13, detectives say

Shakahola deaths pass the 400 mark after detectives retrieve 12 more bodies

By Marion Kithi   2023-07-17 20:45:23

The Shakahola cult death toll has hit 403 after 12 more bodies were exhumed by the DCI homicide detectives.

Shakahola cult: Death toll rises as more bodies found in forest

By Marion Kithi   2023-07-18 19:00:39

Sixteen more bodies were on Tuesday exhumed from Shakahola Forest pushing the death toll to 419, Coast Regional Commissioner Rhoda Onyancha says.

Three children die, seven others admitted after consuming poisonous mushrooms

By Marion Kithi   2023-07-25 14:35:32

Three children in Katendewa village in Bamba, Kilifi County have died after consuming poisonous mushroom soup.

Shakahola witness are alive and sexually active

By Marion Kithi   2023-07-28 09:42:41

According to the DPP, some of the 65 victims — 26 males and 39 females, failed to give their true identities while they were being rescued.

Ruto tells Azimio leaders to stop politics of deceit, misusing youth

By Marion Kithi   2023-07-29 05:27:10

Ruto said Azimio leaders were practicing politics of deceit, adding that they schemed to finance anarchy and chaos in the country in pursuit of their selfish interests.

Shock over Shakahola victims shagging in Coast rescue centres

By Marion Kithi   2023-07-30 10:51:10

Between June 6 and 10, the victims staged a hunger strike but later agreed to cooperate with the State after they were taken to Shimo la Tewa Prison for three nights

'Killer maid': Suspect in Kilifi chief officer murder arrested

By Marion Kithi   2023-07-31 14:14:19

Diana didn’t go to bed that night. It is believed that she waited until Rahab was asleep before going to the kitchen, grabbing the knife and killing her.

Relief for relatives as 100 bodies recovered in Shakahola identified

By Marion Kithi   2023-08-01 05:00:37

At least 100 out of the 266 DNA samples drawn from relatives matched with those from victims’ bodies preserved at the Malindi Sub-county Hospital mortuary.

I'll never forgive my wife for letting our six children die at Shakahola

By Marion Kithi   2023-08-04 16:20:47

Stephen says his wife disappeared with the children while he was away for work. "My wife was pregnant when she left last year with our children."

Kilifi pastor killed after car crashes into his hotel

By Marion Kithi   2023-08-19 15:50:51

A Kilifi-based pastor has died after a car crashed into his restaurant in Watamu village on Friday evening.

Search for Shakahola bodies set to resume

By Marion Kithi   2023-08-23 07:40:08

Homicide detectives and forensic experts will resume exhumation of bodies next week. So far, 427 bodies have been recovered since the exercise started.

Unsung heroes: These detectives cracked Shakahola open

By Marion Kithi   2023-08-25 05:51:21

Many detectives would say they have seen everything. However, Shakahola presents a distinct type of evil.

Freshly buried body bearing signs of torture discovered in Shakahola

By Marion Kithi   2023-08-29 23:01:14

The body was buried in one of the dam trenches in the Kwa Mugambi area, pushing the death toll to 428.

Inside government plan to revive nuts, oil crops

By Marion Kithi   2023-09-08 17:29:54

The new five-year plan aims to revive oil crops with an emphasis on coconut farming at Coast to save Kenya the Sh120 billion she spends to import edible oil every year.

'Deadly prayers': Kilifi couple arrested after their two children die in suspected cult

By Marion Kithi   2023-09-20 19:56:09

The man and his wife are said to have failed to take their ailing children to hospital because their faith is against such, leading to their deaths.

I was mugged, drugged and left to die, says Makenzi lawyer

By Marion Kithi   2023-09-24 23:48:14

“I was a victim of mugging and a chemical was sprayed on me. I lost everything. In fact, I’m slowly losing my sight. Even my coordination is not coherent, but I managed to come to court."

Kilifi parents blamed for increased teenage pregnancies

By Marion Kithi   2023-09-26 18:33:42

The latest report from the county health department says that 4,091 pregnancies among girls aged 10 to 18 were recorded in 2023 alone.

Kilifi's Dr Krapf residence gets major facelift through Germany funding

By Marion Kithi   2023-10-01 18:02:10

Formerly known as Dr Krapf’s residence, the Rabai resource centre has a refreshed look and renewed focus on telling the culturally aesthetic story of Mijikenda to residents and visitors alike.

Detectives discover '214 torture chambers' in Shakahola massacre probe

By Marion Kithi   2023-10-03 16:34:18

Investigations show Makenzi and his team team ate well, and even had a menu to guide how they would take their meals, as his followers starved to death.