Mbiyu Koinange: One of the most powerful, influential ministers

Peter Mbiyu Koinange was a powerful Kenyan politician and close associate of Kenya's first President Jomo Kenyatta.

Elijah Masinde: Why colonialists hated Dini Ya Msambwa founder

Masinde’s other calling was in religion. He regarded himself as a seer.

Kabeere M'Mbijjiwe: Pipe-smoking Cabinet minister in Moi's era

As an MP and Cabinet minister, he left a rich legacy not only in South Imenti but also in the whole nation.

Fiery Ameru warrior who closed ranks with the colonial masters

The Meru culture still celebrates M'Angaine as a skilled and courageous warrior who played a notable role in defending his community and upholding its values.

John Malan Sawe: Top soldier who helped to quash 1982 coup attempt

He successful worked to counter the coup attempt that had been organised by Senior Private Hezekiah Ochuka.

Margaret Ogola: The medical doctor who became great author

She was the author of an award winning book, The River and the Source and its sequel, I swear by Apollo.

Ken Walibora: Swahili literary master whose legacy still lingers on

Since his demise, the interest on his life and books, particularly ‘Kidagaa Kimemwozea’, Siku Njema, Ndoto ya Almasi, Damu Nyeusi and Tuzo has grown.

Argwings Kodhek: First black lawyer in EA was an achiever

Kodhek used his education to push for independence, particularly in relation to colonial injustices. He employed his legal expertise to defend Mau Mau fighters in court.