Molly Chebet

"Squid Game is back! Wanna play?

By Molly Chebet   2024-02-06 13:03:13

After a three-year wait, Hwang Dong-hyuk, the creator and director of Squid Game, has released a trailer for Season Two.

Fashion in AI era

By Molly Chebet   2024-02-08 15:15:07

In the dynamic landscape of the fashion industry, AI has been warmly embraced, fueling creativity in unprecedented ways.

Jowie releases Gospel song moments after murder conviction

By Molly Chebet   2024-02-10 11:52:36

Moments after he was found guilty of killing businesswoman Monica Kimani, Jowie Irungu released a new gospel song titled ‘Nakuabudu’ (I worship you), that speaks of God’s greatness.

The brighter side of simping

By Molly Chebet   2024-02-17 12:52:56

The term simp is short for simpleton. It is an internet slang referring to an individual who places too much emphasis on being overly nice, submissive and attentive towards another person.

PMVA 2023: Pulse Music Video Awards set to dazzle Nairobi

By Molly Chebet   2024-02-19 14:42:55

The long-awaited gala, hosted by The Standard Group’s very own showbiz magazine, PULSE, is scheduled for February 21, 2024, at Nairobi Street Kitchen.

PHOTOS: All the winners of PMVA 9th edition

By Molly Chebet   2024-02-24 16:03:17

The 9th edition of the Pulse Music Video Awards took place on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, at the Nairobi Street Kitchen.

What it means to dress for a red carpet event

By Molly Chebet   2024-02-29 13:10:38

Kenyan celebrities have come under fire on social media for what many are calling a "lack of effort" when it comes to dressing up for events on the red carpet

Places to visit in Nairobi for under Sh1000

By Molly Chebet   2024-03-05 11:15:00

With just under Sh1000, there are several places you can visit in Nairobi and have an unforgettable experience.

Pros and Cons of AI in film

By Molly Chebet   2024-03-06 13:50:26

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and it is making movies!!! That said, there's a good and bad side to it.

How to look chic on a budget

By Molly Chebet   2024-03-07 10:37:43

Despite having to cut back here and there, it is always important to stay smart, both fashionably and intellectually. Here are some essential tips for looking rich on a budget

Oppenheimer scoops seven awards at the Oscars

By Molly Chebet   2024-03-13 12:43:16

For those unfamiliar with "Oppenheimer," it is a thought-provoking three-hour historical drama centred around the life of Robert J. Oppenheimer, the American theoretical physicist.

Awkward moments at Oscars 2024

By Molly Chebet   2024-03-14 14:59:57

The 96th Edition of the Oscars will undoubtedly be remembered as a truly remarkable and awe-inspiring event, brimming with unforgettable moments that captivated audiences worldwide.

Chuck Norris: Still going strong at 84

By Molly Chebet   2024-03-21 13:28:46

"You know, I’m 84 today but I feel like I’m 48. God bless you all."

CS Kithure Kindiki: TikTok is being used to spread propaganda for war

By Molly Chebet   2024-03-21 15:16:07

“TikTok and other social media platforms are increasingly being used to spread malicious content which is illegal, unlawful violation of fundamental rights and freedoms."

Stevo Simple Boy, not so simple

By Molly Chebet   2024-03-26 21:48:32

Stevo Simple Boy is okay with being the butt of jokes, but it seems the joke is on those laughing at him as he continues to soar.

Rita Tinina's girlfriends fulfil her wish

By Molly Chebet   2024-03-27 14:21:38

Before Rita Tinina passed away, she and her friends—Judy, QZ, Njambi, and Njeri—had planned a road trip for her leave in April using a Range Rover.

Easter traditions and their origins

By Molly Chebet   2024-03-31 13:57:02

Many of the Easter traditions and symbols have roots in different religions. This particularly includes the pagan goddess Eostre and the Jewish holiday of Passover.

Party don't stop: Events you dare not miss

By Molly Chebet   2024-04-04 16:02:28

Kenyans are renowned for their love of celebration and joyous spirits, an undeniable fact that shines through in every festivity. "Sherehe ni sheria,"

How to make money on TikTok

By Molly Chebet   2024-04-17 15:50:17

There are many opportunities to monetize TikTok, whether you are a content creator or a business owner looking to expand your market.

Understanding 'Rwabe Economy' and 'Kuinama'

By Molly Chebet   2024-04-19 10:53:33

From interviews with students, one of the main concerns is food. The term ‘Kuinama’ (slang for going without lunch) is popular in institutions of higher learning.