Lawyers protest over Ruto attacks on Judiciary

LSK President Eric Theuri (centre) flanked by Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka and other lawyers before their peaceful procession. [Elvis Ogina, Standard]

A section of lawyers has today held peaceful protests against recent remarks by President William Ruto on the Judiciary alleging a collaboration with cartels to sabotage his legacy projects.

Led by the Law Society of Kenya President Eric Theuri and Wiper Part leader Kalonzo Musyoka, the lawyers have called on the Kenya Kwanza government to respect and support the independence of the Judiciary.

The lawyers said interfering with the same is contrary to the constitution on matters of separation of powers.

"We asked the government to do the right thing under the law. We are calling on President William Ruto to respect and also protect the Judiciary. Tekeleza Katiba kikamilifu (Implement the Constitution fully). The struggle continues," Kalonzo stated while reading a press statement outside the Supreme Court, Nairobi.

On his part, the LSK President called on the government to follow court orders adding that any contrary move may lead to a lawless country.

"It is not a favor, it is the law and the law must be followed. We demand that court orders be implemented by the Executive, and if one has a contrary opinion, they can always appeal," Theuri stated.

The protests come a day after the Commonwealth Associations of Law Practitioners urged the government and public authorities to respect the rule of law and comply with court orders. The practitioners also expressed their deep concern over the remarks made by Ruto, saying they were an attack on the independence of the Judiciary.

"I want to announce here that a few people with vested interests who are beneficiaries of corruption in National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) are now ganging up with corrupt judicial officers to stall reforms so that fake hospital claims will continue," Ruto said on January 2 during burial in Nyandarua.


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