Reverend Lucy Natasha opens up about net worth

Reverend Lucy Natasha. (Courtesy)

Reverend Lucy Natasha recently opened up about her net worth in an interview with Oga Obinna on YouTube, where she discussed her views on money and wealth.

The conversation began when Obinna asked, "Is money the root of all evil?" to which Rev Lucy Natasha responded with a thoughtful perspective:

"Money takes the character of a person. Money in the hands of a good person will be used for a good cause. Money is not evil, it is the love of money. Take money out of your heart and God will put it in your pocket."

This response led to a deeper discussion with Obinna asking Rev Natasha about her net worth.

"That is a very interesting question. Being a woman of God, I don't really measure my net worth based on the wealth or what God has given me, but based on the lives I am able to impact,” She said. “For me, I always feel more blessed when I count the millions of young people I have been able to reach, the leaders we have raised. I can't be able to quantify and say it's this amount, because for me it’s not about the money."

Rev Natasha also disclosed that she has never taken a salary from her ministry, highlighting her commitment to God's work.

“I have never taken a salary from the Ministry. Because I feel we are in God's work together. Before then for more than 12 years I was a travelling Pastor, I was travelling around the world doing crusades, seminars, that is what is very strong in my heart and I was doing it for Jesus.”

Regarding her income sources, Rev Natasha mentioned her career as an author and her involvement in various businesses, saying, “I’m an author. I have over 12 books, and I also ventured into other businesses over time."

She concluded by encouraging individuals to have multiple income streams, drawing an analogy to the Garden of Eden.

“If you look at the Garden of Eden it has four rivers, so everyone should strive to have at least four income streams,” she said.


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