The other side of June Moi

The late June Moi. [Joseph Kipsang, Standard]

Apart from being a successful businesswoman and the daughter of the second president, June Moi had her fun side.

While paying their last respects to the youngest daughter of the late President Daniel Moi, her family and friends noted June’s love for comfort and the finer things in life.

During the reading of June’s eulogy, Doris Moi described her as an adventurous person who loved to travel and discover new places.

“June had a love for travel and she travelled to many countries all over the world. She also loved fashion and had an exquisite taste for designer wear,” Doris said.

June also had a love for Nollywood movies and enjoyed going to the cinema.

“She loved watching movies at the cinema and her favorite genre of movies was Nollywood’s 'Game of Thrones',” said Doris.

Her daughter, Paula Jepkemboi, described her mother as a hospitable person who made all her friends feel welcome at home.

Jepkemboi noted her mother’s excellence in sports.

“Mom was an incredible sportswoman whether it was in hockey, swimming, or polo; she excelled in all.”

She also mentioned some of her mother’s favorite musicians: “Mom loved listening to Boys to Men and Michael Jackson in the car, and we would sing, laugh, and joke everywhere we went.”

Jepkemboi added: “Mom enjoyed a good cryptic crossword every morning with her cup of tea.”

Later in her eulogy, she read a poem titled “If Roses Grow in Heaven,” dedicated to her late mother.

Former Baringo Senator Gideon Moi’s son Kigen Moi, and nephew of the late June, eulogized her as a calm and welcoming soul.

Kigen noted June's love for the finer things in life.

“Her sense of fashion, elegance, and charm were on another level, not to mention her jewelry, designer handbags, sunglasses, and shoes,” he said.

June’s cousin and daughter of Erick Bomet described June as a person who cherished comfort.

She said that despite June being a fun and loving person, she was also no-nonsense.

“She had fantastic taste and loved the finer things in life. When it came to fashion, relaxation, and comfort, she was unmatched. She enjoyed cooking and loved hot chili and spicy food,” she said.

June, who loved blueberry cheesecake as her favourite dessert, was also good at driving and knew her way around Nairobi.

“June loved driving and intentionally opted to take me to and from school all the time to bond as mother and daughter,” she added.

Dr. Wanjiku Motia, a friend and neighbour of June for 13 years, celebrated many occasions they shared.

She described June as a loyal friend who protected her people.

“She was gentle, soft-spoken, self-effacing, dignified, and well-groomed at all times. She was also protective of her space, those she loved, and especially her daughter Paula,” said Dr. Motia.

According to the friend, June had hoped to one day see her daughter Jepkemboi walk home with her husband and child.


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