Christina Shusho's upcoming song 'Zakayo' sparks excitement among Kenyans

Christina Shusho announces upcoming song 'Zakayo'. 

Tanzanian singer Christina Shusho has announced her upcoming song 'Zakayo' and Kenyans can’t keep calm.

The singer sparked a lot of buzz on social media after revealing her upcoming project with her fans, generating anticipation for its release.

Many Kenyans have taken to social media, with some creating memes about the highly anticipated song.

Emmanuel Gona wrote “It's already trending in Kenya, Zakayo,” while Kennedy Wandera commented, “Haya tumesubiri, kutakalika huku kweli? ?”

Another X user, Elvis Korir wrote, “This is an instant hit. Zakayo and his chronicles are about to go global. We need an English version of this name.”

Some users have linked the song's title to current events, particularly discussions about taxation in Kenya and the nickname given to President William Ruto.

During a visit to Tokyo in February 2024, President Ruto addressed the nickname, stating, "I don't mind people calling me names. I will continue to do the right thing for our country irrespective of the names people call me, including Zakayo."

The President seems to have embraced the nickname, which first surfaced on social platforms in May 2023 in connection with new tax proposals by the Ruto-led administration.

They likened Ruto to Zacchaeus (Zakayo in Swahili), a tax collector in the Bible, who climbed a Sycamore tree to see Jesus, disliked by the Jews for keeping their money for himself.

Last month, Ruto said he was ready to face criticism on taxes rather than letting the country sink into debt, stating his commitment to creating employment through the Affordable Housing Scheme.

Ruto said he didn’t mind being referred to as Zakayo, stating, "Heri mimi nikuwe 'Zakayo' lakini hawa vijana wapate ajira, heri niitwe 'Zakayo' na Kenya issingie kwa madeni" (I don't mind being called 'Zakayo' if it means the youth get jobs and Kenya avoids debt).



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