Nathan Ochunge

Kakamega MCAs suspend sittings as they demand higher salaries

By Nathan Ochunge   2023-07-03 10:44:10

Assembly joins 24 others that have shut down operations to show solidarity and protest against poor terms of service. Last year, SRC abolished plenary sittings allowances for ward representatives.

Nzoia Water fails to remit workers' deductions amid claims of graft

By Nathan Ochunge   2023-07-07 08:28:47

For over two decades, everything moved like clockwork but things went south in 2018. The Auditor General’s report noted financial inconsistencies 2018/2019 and 2019/2020.

State's Sh180m project gives farmer groups wings to fly

By Nathan Ochunge   2023-07-11 12:29:34

We came together, agreed to do joint production so that we can produce more birds and sell as a unit

CBC tests run smoothly in Western and Central

By Nathan Ochunge   2023-07-20 02:42:01

The assessment is being conducted by the Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) where learners are undertaking practical and project activities.

Relative calm in four Western counties after Tuesday's standoff among local leaders

By Nathan Ochunge   2023-07-20 02:33:03

After a standoff at Busia One-Stop-Border Post on Tuesday evening, there was relative calm at the border town on Thursday with police on standby to quell protests.

Vihiga residents to get piped water in two years, says governor

By Nathan Ochunge   2023-07-20 13:23:42

The project being implemented by the county government in partnership with Lake Victoria North Waters Works Agency, is targeting to provide piped water to at least 250, 000 people.

Marriages under threat as Mukombero shortage bites

By Nathan Ochunge   2023-07-21 16:25:57

The sex enhancement herb naturally grows in the forest but after lifting of logging ban, timber harvesters have destroyed it.

Farmers mull over next move after ban on cane production

By Nathan Ochunge   2023-07-22 16:55:53

National Agriculture body says the three-month ban on production is meant to bring order to the sugar sub-sector as stakeholders claim move will give cartels opportunity to import sugar

Busia irrigation project set to end floods, boost farming

By Nathan Ochunge   2023-07-29 13:53:21

The lower Nzoia irrigation project aims at ending perennial flooding while enhancing food security

Busia has potential to produce cotton worth Sh3b, says State

By Nathan Ochunge   2023-08-08 10:19:35

A government-facilitated project in Busia targets to produce at least 800kgs of lint and cotton seed cake per acre translating to at least 9 million kilos of cotton lint and seed cake, says official.

Tanker driver dies along Webuye Malaba highway

By Nathan Ochunge   2023-08-09 10:32:01

Tanker driver dies after losing control and hitting an electricity post at Sikata Junction along Webuye-Malaba Highway; the vehicle went up in flames bringing traffic to a standstill.

Western holds Ruto to promise of reviving projects, dishing out jobs

By Nathan Ochunge   2023-08-11 19:08:42

Western is among regions that President Ruto has frequented but still lags behind in development. As president, he has visited Bungoma, Busia, Kakamega, and Vihiga at least five times

Bio-herbicides fight Striga weed

By Nathan Ochunge   2023-08-17 12:54:14

This weed with purple flowers has caused untold damage to cereal crops

Kakamega: Health services in jeopardy over Sh27m debt and a court order

By Nathan Ochunge   2023-08-18 01:04:27

At the centre of the storm is a Sh27 million debt and a court order that has stopped the tendering process in the procurement of ambulance services.

Water companies unable to repay Sh12.3b loan from German bank

By Nathan Ochunge   2023-08-18 17:49:01

Water service providers in Western Kenya are unable to repay a loan of over Sh12 billion they took to develop water infrastructure a decade ago.

Who is robbing, pooping inside Kakamega churches?

By Nathan Ochunge   2023-08-21 07:59:27

For the past year, over ten churches have reported cases of break-ins.

'I'm a living miracle': MCA's brush with death after blood clot scare

By Nathan Ochunge   2023-08-28 10:52:57

It took several minutes for him to regain consciousness. “When I finally came to my senses, I felt numbness on one side of my body. My left leg and hand couldn’t move.”

Western charts own path without Raila

By Nathan Ochunge   2023-08-30 12:12:39

Mulembe Nation has wholeheartedly supported Raila in his five unsuccessful stabs at the presidency in 1997, 2007, 2013, 2017 and 2022.

Bitter reality of neglected sugar industry amidst political pledges

By Nathan Ochunge   2023-08-31 13:14:24

Will Ruto’s latest attempt to revive the sugar industry end up as mere lip service? Previous presidents have doled out billions of shillings to bail out the factories.

Kakamega Governor Fernandes Barasa defends his ties with Ruto amid criticism

By Nathan Ochunge   2023-09-03 18:53:05

Kakamega Governor Fernandes Barasa has hit back at his critics who have accused him of joining the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party led by President William Ruto.