Amos Kiarie

Ruto to police: Deal firmly but professionally with protesters

By Amos Kiarie   2023-07-22 10:32:55

President cautions police officers against committing offences during protests. Lauds their conduct so far in quelling anti-government demos.

Nyeri County partners with KPCU to boost coffee production

By Amos Kiarie   2023-07-27 15:33:05

The partnership will help in establishing coffee farm demos in coffee growing areas within the county, and support coffee nurseries to promote the production of certified coffee seedlings.

Pastoral women turn cactus into biogas, wine

By Amos Kiarie   2023-07-30 13:55:58

The species Opuntia stricta invaded huge tracts of grazing land by suppressing pasture growth and has caused death of livestock at an alarming rate by inflicting wounds in their mouth

Girls trade sex for pads in Nyeri slum

By Amos Kiarie   2023-08-01 11:21:24

According to KDHS 2022, Nyeri County had reported 5 percent of teen pregnancies attributed to girls being driven to engage in sex with boda boda riders for pads.

Demand for housing sees rents skyrocket in Othaya town

By Amos Kiarie   2023-08-03 20:40:34

After the grand opening of the Kibaki Level Six Hospital, an annexe of Kenyatta National Hospital, real estate investors have taken advantage of the business opportunity created by the facility.

Restless Mt Kenya? President Ruto tours central to launch projects

By Amos Kiarie   2023-08-05 10:11:39

In his five-day tour, the president will address issues on lowering the high cost of living, creation of jobs, expanding tax pays, eradicating hunger, and improving livelihoods

Foul smell from locked shop causes panic among Nyeri locals

By Amos Kiarie   2023-08-06 08:54:51

We were afraid that one of us had committed suicide as we had not seen her for a whole week and the bad smell was unbearable, it made us feel that something bad might have happened

Poetry and choral verses dominate day seven of music festival in Nyeri

By Amos Kiarie   2023-08-17 19:25:28

Audiences maintained pin-drop silence as students from various secondary schools performed poems on the role and benefits of SEPU in furthering education goals.

Police uniform committee extends timeline for public participation

By Amos Kiarie   2023-08-31 17:01:15

According to the director of logistics Kenya Police Service, Peter Ndung'u, the extension is to allow the public to submit more views on the proposed changes of the police uniform.

Nyeri mortuaries to dispose of bodies lying unclaimed

By Amos Kiarie   2023-09-02 03:14:20

Mortuaries run public notices of the disposal of bodies. Upon expiry of the notice, the bodies are buried in public cemeteries or in mass graves without the knowledge of their loved ones.  

2,500 targeted for Inua Jami listing in Tetu constituency

By Amos Kiarie   2023-09-06 13:17:38

Tetu MP said about 3,500 residents already registered for the programme.

Field Marshal Muthoni Kirima's burial set for September 22

By Amos Kiarie   2023-09-12 15:59:54

Amidst an outpouring of grief, the final send-off for the esteemed freedom fighter Field Marshal Muthoni Kirima has been scheduled for September 22.

Muheria: Heavy taxation a big burden for Kenyan households

By Amos Kiarie   2023-09-16 13:59:46

Muheria said there is an urgent need for the state to collaborate with other stake holders to ease the burden of high cost of living on ordinary citizens.

Govt develops plan to reduce edible oil import dependency

By Amos Kiarie   2023-09-17 15:01:21

CS Murkomen added that the government aims to create a conducive environment for the growth and development of local industries while reducing reliance on imports.

Steamy cops sex tape goes viral

By Amos Kiarie   2023-09-22 12:59:29

The man nicknamed ‘Simba’ around the office, had just been transferred from Mumias DCI offices over his conduct.

Revered pyrethrum picker who fought for Kenya's freedom

By Amos Kiarie   2023-09-23 04:26:31

Muthoni, born in 1931 as the third child of Wanjira Kirima and Kirima Nguya, had a humble upbringing in a small farming community.

Is mind-blowing sex, possible after cheating?

By Amos Kiarie   2023-10-13 09:39:35

Many partners who find out their partners are cheating are afraid of contracting HIV/AIDS disease and other sexually transmitted infections.

Former British armoury and holding cell in ruins

By Amos Kiarie   2023-10-19 23:56:25

It functioned as a secure storage facility for weapons, tightly guarded by the home guards. The house also operated as a prison where individuals who resisted colonial rule were detained.

Villagers protest against British army ahead of King Charles' visit

By Amos Kiarie   2023-10-22 00:19:27

A week ahead of King Charles' visit to Kenya, residents from Jua Kali, Muramati, Kimugandoro, and Kariunga villages in Laikipia County are not a happy lot.

Gachagua calls for Mt Kenya unity, support for President Ruto

By Amos Kiarie   2023-10-23 11:48:03

Gachagua urged Central region businesses to unite and contribute to national growth through collaborative efforts and utilization of their collective capabilities.