Anne Atieno

Man who threatened to kill family members after drinking dog's blood shot dead

By Anne Atieno   2023-07-06 14:39:50

Police in Rongo shot dead a man after he killed a dog, drunk its blood and threated to kill members of his family with a machete.

Man shot dead after killing dog, drinking its blood and chasing his kin

By Anne Atieno   2023-07-07 14:15:59

The 40-year-old man took a machete and started chasing his firstborn son before going to his mother’s homestead and butchering their family dog.

Mbadi: Minority leadership in Parliament weak but I won't step down as ODM chair

By Anne Atieno   2023-07-10 19:53:06

Mbadi believes confusion and lack of proper communication in the Azimio fold contributed to its loss in 2022 election. Says fight to push Ruto’s regime requires strong will and proper organisation.

Tanzanian woman arrested in Migori for alleged child theft

By Anne Atieno   2023-08-02 18:06:15

The suspect who was working as a house help was arrested by directorate of criminal investigations officers as she fled Homa-Bay County where she had committed the crime.

Scramble for gold after discovery of deposits along road project

By Anne Atieno   2023-08-05 01:23:33

For the last two days, hundreds of residents have pitched tent at North-Sakwa ward in search of the precious metal as they scramble to make a kill from the rare finding.

Migori Governor Ayacko sets one-month deadline for completion of 140 ECDE classrooms

By Anne Atieno   2023-08-09 14:59:16

The construction projects are currently in progress across various stages and are estimated to cost a total of Sh77 million.

Gold rush: Residents accuse police of taking loot from site

By Anne Atieno   2023-08-09 23:49:07

The discovery led to a  scramble as hundreds of residents pitched tents at the site. The construction of the road stalled, prompting security agencies to intervene.

Hospital where mothers can't bathe after delivery

By Anne Atieno   2023-08-15 04:38:00

According to the residents, the facility which was constructed in 2007, has been lacking water for the last 16 years.

Meet the real gold-diggers of Migori Town

By Anne Atieno   2023-08-15 04:51:24

The little town has more than 30 nightclubs that have sprung up, ushering in a thriving nightlife and ready clientele.

Lovebirds turn bushes into lodges

By Anne Atieno   2023-08-17 20:11:43

Not even the fear of deadly snakes appears to deter some couples from turning the site into a love-making site.

Raila's allies move to counter UDA forays in Nyanza

By Anne Atieno   2023-08-21 10:21:18

aila's ODM party has lined up a series of activities, targeting to rejuvenate its grassroots support. This includes planned meetings across the region aimed at strengthening the party.

Migori: 99 gold mining plants operating without licenses put on notice

By Anne Atieno   2023-08-21 10:55:04

The move is part of an effort to restore order in the sector and ensure that all operating gold plants in the area adhere to all the necessary legal requirements.

Seven First Ladies join hands in fight against FGM as Kuria community vow to end vice

By Anne Atieno   2023-08-21 11:40:51

Starting businesses for women who cut girls during FGM seasons instead of them being punished was part of the resolutions the First Ladies had.

Four people die of cholera in Migori as cases increase

By Anne Atieno   2023-08-22 20:02:23

Four people have died of cholera while at least 40 others have been treated in various health facilities following an outbreak of the disease in Migori County.

How widows, youth in Migori found solace in gold mining

By Anne Atieno   2023-08-25 09:33:16

For Peter Onyango, who grew up as an orphan after losing his parents at a tender age, gold mining has made him rise from grass to grace.

Police officer sentenced to 15 years for defiling and impregnating minor

By Anne Atieno   2023-08-29 15:37:55

A gender desk police officer in Rapogi, Migori, jailed for 15 years for defiling and impregnating a 16-year-old girl, Resident Magistrate Angela Munyuny rules.

Man handed 20 years in prison for killing wife in a love triangle

By Anne Atieno   2023-08-31 16:50:47

The accused attacked his wife after learning she had a child with another man.

Migori launches healthcare outreach program

By Anne Atieno   2023-09-04 19:38:49

The initiative dubbed ‘Mama Agnes Ayacko Last Mile Access Program’ aims at bringing healthcare services to all the villages while reducing the need for arduous journeys and costly expenses.

Migori eyes Lichota airstrip upgrade to boost trade

By Anne Atieno   2023-09-04 19:47:57

A wave of optimistism is sweeping through South Nyanza over the business prospects the upgrading of Lichota airstrip in Migori promises to bring to the region.

Raila terms rebel MPs traitors as bipartisan talks face hurdle

By Anne Atieno   2023-09-10 00:03:57

Azimio chief tells legislators to toe the line or quit seats and face the electorate. He rules out any chance of the alleged culprits ever flying the ODM flag again