Diana Anyango

Zari Hassan: This is what I did to my legs

By Diana Anyango   2023-07-11 13:24:03

Zari Hassan has opened up on the cosmetic procedures she has undergone to maintain her wasplike figure after having five children.

Jua Cali apologises to Njugush for criticising his content

By Diana Anyango   2023-07-11 14:38:55

Veteran singer Jua Cali has taken to social media to apologise to Njugush for criticising his content.

Andrew Kibe reveals plans to undergo paternity test with father

By Diana Anyango   2023-07-13 10:53:42

Andrew Kibe has revealed plans to undergo a paternity test with his father to determine whether he is truly his son.

Crazy Kennar breaks his silence

By Diana Anyango   2023-07-13 11:33:31

Crazy Kennar has come out to appreciate the unlimited love and support accorded to him by fans following his social media sabbatical.

Mr Seed says he suffered brain shrinkage after accident

By Diana Anyango   2023-08-01 13:32:36

Gospel singer Mr Seed has opened up on suffering brain shrinkage after being involved in a grisly road accident back in April.

Terence, Diana Marua dance video elicits mixed reactions

By Diana Anyango   2023-08-03 13:10:04

Content creator Terence Creative and YouTuber Diana Marua have caused a stir online following their dance video shared on social media.

Kamene Goro walks out on DJ Bonez for defending communication with ex

By Diana Anyango   2023-08-02 14:33:30

Kamene expressed her discomfort with DJ Bonez chatting with one of his ex-girlfriends and sought advice from Obinna on whether her reaction was reasonable.

Eric Omondi, Lynne welcome first child

By Diana Anyango   2023-08-10 11:24:10

Comedian Eric Omondi and his fiancée Lynne are the newest parents in town. The two lovebirds welcomed Princess Kyla Omondi on August 9, 2023

You've taught me so much about God: Kambua celebrates son's fourth birthday

By Diana Anyango   2023-08-10 12:37:28

“I love you my boy. I love your songs, how you randomly break into dance, just like my papa, who now rests."

'It was a joke,' Fabolous defends himself after poor Wi-Fi comment

By Diana Anyango   2023-08-12 15:56:58

“Y'all literally trolled a joke about me not being where I was in the pic and stating where I was currently. I'm sure the Android comment was a joke & so was the response..."

Local celebrities whose diehard fans have their names, faces tattooed on them

By Diana Anyango   2023-08-12 15:57:29

Imagine an individual who has never engaged with you yet goes to the extraordinary lengths of imprinting your face and name onto their skin as a profound expression of their affection for you.

Kimani Ichung'wah: Banning TikTok will kill careers

By Diana Anyango   2023-08-16 11:09:35

National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichung'wah has expressed his disapproval of the TikTok ban petition presented to parliament.

Akothee: Most people are interested in your misfortune, not growth

By Diana Anyango   2023-08-16 14:33:45

“Relationship is all gossip, they are waiting for when you will break up, get pregnant, lose the baby or die while giving birth..."

Willy Paul: Kenyan music industry is nothing without me

By Diana Anyango   2023-08-17 13:09:38

Willy Paul has come out to claim that Kenyan music stagnated after he stopped releasing music.

Mammito speaks on proposed TikTok ban

By Diana Anyango   2023-08-17 15:08:25

Comedian Mammito has opined on a petition seeking to ban TikTok in Kenya saying it will do more harm than good.

Tracy Wanjiru opens up on changes she has experienced two years into motherhood

By Diana Anyango   2023-08-18 10:42:20

Former TV host Tracy Wanjiru has opened up on some of the changes she has experienced since welcoming her baby two years ago.

Sosuun says she is still single three years after divorce

By Diana Anyango   2023-08-24 10:37:31

Sosuun has said she is still single three years after breaking up with her ex-husband and father of her children, Kenrazy.

Mama Kayai pleads with SGR to review policies on ticket transfers, refunds

By Diana Anyango   2023-08-24 13:37:36

Mama Kayai has come out to plead with Standard Gauge Railways services to review their ticket exchange and refund policy after she was allegedly denied a refund.

Vera Sidika shows off her 'Sh500k' baby cot

By Diana Anyango   2023-08-31 10:15:13

Vera Sidika claimed she spent Sh500,000 on Asia's baby cot.

DJ Krowbar seeks financial help to facilitate wife's surgery

By Diana Anyango   2023-08-29 14:57:45

DJ Krowbar has taken to social media to ask for financial assistance to aid in facilitating his wife's kidney surgery.