Diana Anyango

Akothee: Private apologies don't heal public wounds

By Diana Anyango   2024-02-07 14:19:32

The singer further advised that if one chooses to forgive, they should establish boundaries, explaining that many of these individuals repeatedly cause harm.

Magix Enga announces comeback

By Diana Anyango   2024-02-08 13:00:33

Music producer and rapper, Magix Enga, has announced his return to the music scene after a prolonged hiatus.

Davido honours late son with Sh40million pendant

By Diana Anyango   2024-02-13 12:54:11

Celebrity jeweler Gabriel Jacobs, who personalized the masterpiece, said the chain boasts an impressive total of 8,000 stones, including natural brown champagne and black diamonds.

Pastor Ezekiel speaks out against disrespect towards Kenyan pastors

By Diana Anyango   2024-02-19 14:54:18

According to Pastor Ezekiel, ministers of God's word in the country can do nothing right in the eyes of Kenyans and are, therefore, subjected to denigration by their countrymen.

Trevor rebrands Mungai Eve's YouTube channel, says her services are no longer needed

By Diana Anyango   2024-02-20 13:21:29

Social media influencer Director Trevor has rebranded Mungai Eve’s YouTube channel and Facebook account to Kenya Online Media amidst break-up rumours.

Akuku Danger gives health update, appreciates fans for continual support

By Diana Anyango   2024-02-20 15:09:52

Akuku Danger has taken to social media to update netizens on his health condition, extending gratitude to his fans and family for supporting him as he battles sickle cell.

Flaqo addresses rumours that he is a dad

By Diana Anyango   2024-02-21 12:45:04

Comedian Flaqo has taken to social media to address netizens who continually question him about whether he and his girlfriend, Keranta, are expecting their first child.

Vera Sidika dismisses marriage as a trap, says she will never get married again

By Diana Anyango   2024-02-21 14:41:59

Vera Sidika shared her views on marriage, saying it is a trap.

Eric Omondi vows to reconcile Trevor and Eve Mungai

By Diana Anyango   2024-02-22 11:52:26

Eric Omondi has vowed to reconcile content creator Eve Mungai and video director Trevor after they supposedly parted ways.

Shakib posts cryptic messages after Zari shared a video holding hands with Diamond

By Diana Anyango   2024-02-23 13:25:36

Shakib Lutaaya recently raised eyebrows with cryptic messages on his Instagram page, following a video posted by his wife, Zari, showing her holding hands with Diamond.

Diamond's sister Esma Platnumz ties the knot in private ceremony

By Diana Anyango   2024-02-23 14:32:06

Bongo Flava star Diamond Platnumz's eldest sister, Esma Platnumz, is once again off the market.

Zuchu breaks up with Diamond, cites lack of respect

By Diana Anyango   2024-02-24 11:06:02

Wasafi Classic Baby signee Zuchu has ended her romantic relationship with Bongo star Diamond Platnumz.

Eve Mungai: Some things are better left unsaid

By Diana Anyango   2024-03-02 18:36:29

Social media influencer Eve Mungai has hinted at not addressing the ongoing drama between her and video director Trevor.

Elodie Zone opens up on condition that made her struggle in school

By Diana Anyango   2024-02-27 16:17:02

Content creator Elodie Zone has opened up on little-known facts about her life.

Six suspects arrested in connection with rapper AKA's assassination

By Diana Anyango   2024-02-28 13:34:05

Six suspects are in police custody awaiting trial following the murder of South African rapper Kiernan Forbes, alias AKA, and his ally, celebrity chef turned entrepreneur Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motshoane.

Brian Mwenda, man accused of faking law certificate, proposes to his girlfriend

By Diana Anyango   2024-02-28 16:36:03

Brian Mwenda Njagi, the man who was accused of impersonating a city lawyer, has proposed to his long-term girlfriend Miss Kenzie.

Mwalimu Rachael says she warned Miracle Baby to quit drinking

By Diana Anyango   2024-02-29 13:17:36

Radio presenter Mwalimu Rachael has confirmed knowledge of former Sailors group member Miracle Baby’s ailment.

Chris Muriithi protests Ghana anti-gay bill

By Diana Anyango   2024-02-29 14:28:04

Chris Muriithi formerly known as Makena Njeri has taken to social media to protest the anti-gay bill in Ghana.

Mungai Eve starts own YouTube channel

By Diana Anyango   2024-03-02 14:42:29

Content creator Eve Mungai has launched her own YouTube channel, weeks after her ex-boyfriend, director Trevor, took control of their previous channel.

Ephy Saint's take on co-parenting

By Diana Anyango   2024-03-02 15:29:11

Actor Ephy Saint recently took to social media to address the issue of co-parenting, emphasizing the importance of appreciating each other's contributions to a child's life.