Eric Omondi vows to reconcile Trevor and Eve Mungai

Eric Omondi has vowed to reconcile Eve Mungai and Trevor.

Eric Omondi has vowed to reconcile content creator Eve Mungai and video director Trevor after they supposedly parted ways.

Speaking during a recent interview with Trudy Kitui, the comedian stated that he intentionally supported Eve and her then-boyfriend Trevor at the beginning of their career to be able to grow their online media platform and it ended up working out due to their joined efforts.

“On the issue of Eve Mungai and Trevor, I feel I have the moral authority to comment. I supported Eve Mungai so much when she started. I wanted to support the growing online media and I decided to take Eve and I intentionally put in the energy so that I could grow Eve and they were with Trevor.

“Eve and Trevor, as Eric Omondi, I know them, they are my friends. I have grown them and we have grown together. I have seen them way back when Eve was still skinny and used to use that little lapel microphone until now that she has glowed up and Trevor has glowed up too,” he said.

Eric went on to explain that despite their current misunderstanding, he will take it upon himself to try and reconcile them, either as lovers or workmates.

“So I feel like, I don’t want to necessarily say I see myself as their dad but I feel like I have the right to step in. I want to talk to Trevor and I want to talk to Eve, I’m just waiting for her to come back from Zanzibar. I want to treat them to a meal by force. I know there’s this saying that two people who’ve been under the same duvet… no, I don’t want to know. Let them come with that Duvet we cover ourselves the three of us.

“I know the norm is after two people split they end up being bitter exes however, Trevor and Eve must work. If they don’t work out they must work together. If they don’t work together they must have at least a personal relationship. It’s not that I am forcing this but it’s something I feel I have to make sure it happens,” he promised.

Since their YouTube channel name change and the revelation that Trevor will no longer be working with Eve, netizens have tried to pick sides with some insinuating that the channel will not attract the same audience with Eve’s absence while others are convinced Eve will not go far without Trevor’s input.

Touching on these assumptions Eric explained that the duo’s success lies majorly on their reconciliation as they make an impeccable team.

“This is because everybody is expecting, Eve is a brand, Eve will not make it, Trevor will not make it, no. I have to sit with them, I’ll take them to a nyama choma spot and remind them of one and a half years ago. I will not force them to get back together, if they end up doing so, well and good but they can work together they don’t need to be enemies,” he concluded.


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