Elvinah Obuya

Will women every figure out what men want?

By Elvinah Obuya   2023-07-04 16:49:27

We have failed to nail down a clear understanding of what men want. A man can love a woman with all his full heart yet still fit other women in his lungs and pancreas perfectly.

What do men really want?

By Elvinah Obuya   2023-07-06 09:24:21

Our mums trained us the way to a man’s heart is the stomach. However, if a man paraded women he dated, we would wonder what his taste is

Men don't care about love or dating

By Elvinah Obuya   2023-07-22 09:13:37

They are firmly wired to ensure that their genes are left atop the ground when they are finally laid to rest. Whether they pass down to them wealth or poverty is absolutely secondary.

How upbringing ruins your love life

By Elvinah Obuya   2023-07-11 10:59:05

One’s upbringing is what constitutes their perception of life including how one treats a spouse or expects to be treated

Like father like son: How upbringing ruins your love life

By Elvinah Obuya   2023-07-12 18:30:04

Men bred by violent men are likely to extend the pattern when they get married because in their primary understanding that is how a relationship should look like.

Will the gender wars ever stop?

By Elvinah Obuya   2023-07-14 11:25:06

Like a graph with two contrasting variables, men and women despite being attached like Siamese twins on the hip are bound to live in natural conflict throughout

Wife vs slayqueen: Who will win the war?

By Elvinah Obuya   2023-07-18 14:32:25

The unmarried are sick of being single, while the married are sick of marriage. As a result, there is a steady flow of people walking to and from marriage

How to embrace life's true values

By Elvinah Obuya   2023-07-21 12:25:12

As age creeps in, so do lifestyle diseases that may result from our reckless lifestyles. We realise when it is too late that the paths we took were fun but not necessarily the best ones

Why women age like fine wine

By Elvinah Obuya   2023-07-25 10:37:48

A girl that starts off as a malnourished child with a protruding belly and flimsy hair can blossom into the most gorgeous woman

Ladies, massage your man's ego

By Elvinah Obuya   2023-07-28 10:41:57

Wise women have learnt to praise their husbands; they will call them endearing names even after a mediocre performance

Gen Z's perception of marriage is twisted

By Elvinah Obuya   2023-08-02 15:23:33

Being married to someone means seeing them at their worst and still accepting them. It means embracing their virtues and also tolerating their flaws.

Dating in your forties is like sorting through chaff

By Elvinah Obuya   2023-08-06 16:20:43

While the virtual platform has predominantly become the space for our interactions, most contemporary men, regardless of their age do not know how to approach women online.

Is Gen Z's perception of marriage twisted?

By Elvinah Obuya   2023-08-08 10:36:37

With perceptions like: “Mimi siwezi olewa na msee hana doh.” I worry that the current generation’s perception of marriage is very skewed

Ng'iya Girls was the wrong audience for Akothee

By Elvinah Obuya   2023-08-10 15:19:25

School-going girls at Ng’iya Gilrs definitely fall in a different category from hardened street feminists who have tasted the vagaries of life and failed enough times.

What women want in a man

By Elvinah Obuya   2023-08-11 10:10:03

There is a joke about what men want in a relationship compared to an endless list of things and qualities that women want in a man

Being a man is a thankless job!

By Elvinah Obuya   2023-08-16 11:15:33

We want them to go and hunt yet we also want them to sit their bums at home and hug us warmly reassuringly.

Suffering is not a measure of wife-material

By Elvinah Obuya   2023-08-19 08:34:04

According to our parents, a proper child is one who understands how to cook over a fire and dig with a jembe.

Your wife is not your relative!

By Elvinah Obuya   2023-08-21 07:53:47

At the pinnacle of your success, remember the brother who stood up for you when you weren’t too strong.

Suffering and pain are not a measure of wife material

By Elvinah Obuya   2023-08-18 11:05:17

The ability to suffer in silence was an admirable quality that every mother instilled in her daughters before marriage. But is this the true meaning of marriage?

Judging a woman's worth based on virginity is archaic

By Elvinah Obuya   2023-08-25 11:32:09

Girls who have no children have a high market value because they are perceived to be the new versions of pure