Nanjinia Wamuswa

Scola Chepoighsho: Agriculture graduate who hacked agrovet business

By Nanjinia Wamuswa   2023-11-15 20:10:23

Scola Chepoighsho, a graduate in General Agriculture from South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU), embarked on her career journey with high hopes of securing a rewarding job.

How agriculture graduate hacked agrovet business

By Nanjinia Wamuswa   2023-11-15 10:50:22

Being in the far-flung villages, it was not easy for farmers to access seeds and other inputs located in shopping centres and major towns

Pastoralists strike fortune in tomato farming

By Nanjinia Wamuswa   2023-11-15 15:32:25

The drought came and wiped out our livestock. After that, we tried farming

Successful dairy business that was inspired by little salary

By Nanjinia Wamuswa   2023-11-22 18:07:32

As the business progressed, Margaret bought more dairy cows which started producing 220-250 litres of milk a day.

State eyes new investors to boost manufacturing sector

By Nanjinia Wamuswa   2023-11-28 17:37:21

The ITME event, which will take place at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC), Nairobi, will be the second in Africa.

Youth helps farmers thresh cereals easily Innovation

By Nanjinia Wamuswa   2023-12-06 11:14:56

During subsequent trials, farmers gave me their sorghum for free.

Nine Kenyan food systems fellows graduate in Addis Ababa

By Nanjinia Wamuswa   2023-12-09 10:37:56

Nine Kenyans are among 77 emerging food systems leaders who graduated from the Center for African Leaders in Agriculture advanced leadership program in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Initiative sharpens skills to drive food security

By Nanjinia Wamuswa   2023-12-10 16:42:10

The programme aims to build capacity of leaders to achieve the food security agenda. This will help reduce food wastage, bolster productivity and advocate for value addition.

Commonwealth Business Women Africa seeks to equip 1 million girls with coding skills

By Nanjinia Wamuswa   2024-01-05 17:04:35

The initiative seeks to empower girls from 22 African countries, to address the under representation of females in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields.

Kemsa boss wins 2024 Africa governance award

By Nanjinia Wamuswa   2024-01-13 09:43:22

The Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (Kemsa) acting chief executive officer has won the prestigious African Governance Award, 2024.

From hawking peanuts to butter and honey processing

By Nanjinia Wamuswa   2024-01-23 19:45:33

Business has been good since he started the business after starting out hawking roasted peanuts in different parts of Nairobi, where he averaged 5kg a week.

Woman overcomes FGM trauma to champion end of harmful practice

By Nanjinia Wamuswa   2024-02-10 19:21:00

Naomi’s story reflects the ongoing struggle and the hope for a future without this harmful practice. FGM persists in many regions across the country despite legal bans.

How digitising services saved milk cooperative

By Nanjinia Wamuswa   2024-02-29 15:09:11

In 2021, the cooperative received an inclusion grant worth Sh 996,000 to expand its catchment area.

Investors say volatile dollar hurting investments

By Nanjinia Wamuswa   2024-03-13 16:05:11

The fluctuation of the dollar against the shilling has resulted in a wait-and-see attitude by investors - affecting businesses in the real estate and construction sectors.

Investors now warm up to Kenya's livestock sector after years of neglect

By Nanjinia Wamuswa   2024-04-08 11:19:52

Dairy and poultry received more than 50 per cent of the deals underscoring investors’ perception of lower risk in these value chains.

Insurance platform bets on Artificial Intelligence to ease claims processing

By Nanjinia Wamuswa   2024-04-09 20:13:00

M-Tiba has integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI), into its insurance claims processing system.

Egerton University unveils new high-yielding groundnut variety

By Nanjinia Wamuswa   2024-04-12 08:05:48

John Supeiyo from Egerton Agro-Science Park says the new Ndovu variety will be used to produce foods, manufacturing of oils, biofuels and animal feeds. It takes 4-5 months to mature.

Call to shift from pesticides, plastics to alternatives

By Nanjinia Wamuswa   2024-04-13 12:33:44

Accumulation of agriplastics such as mulching films in soils reduces agricultural yields.

Varsity dons' cotton ginning innovation big win for farmers

By Nanjinia Wamuswa   2024-04-17 18:33:08

Weighing 65kg, the micro gin can process up to 2 tonnes per day.

Brands prefer WhatsApp for customer help

By Nanjinia Wamuswa   2024-04-23 20:32:47

WhatsApp is the top digital channel for conversational marketing in absolute numbers, driven by new features that enable customers to start and complete a purchase.