Uncle Gil

To eat well at weddings, you need big connections

By Uncle Gil   2023-07-11 15:54:19

We couldn’t understand how we got such five-star treatment in a wedding where we hardly knew anyone. Weddings are like government offices. To be served well there, one needs big connections.

Mountain folks' indifference was evident during maandamano

By Uncle Gil   2023-07-31 17:42:52

Whereas the demonstrators in Kisii did it with boulders huge enough to stop an army, Kiambu folks blocked the road with few pebbles which could be easily removed if the need arose.

Every hood has its own untouchable 'mathe'

By Uncle Gil   2023-08-29 16:34:04

Every neighbourhood had its own mathe, a woman dealing in things that men found hard to resist, ranging from potent weed strains to intoxicating brews that could leave one blind.

No employee takes a week-long training seriously

By Uncle Gil   2023-09-05 12:52:37

On day one, the training starts after the tea break, mainly because the colleagues spend hours hugging in the corridors. A top honcho arrives at noon to declare the kongamano officially open.

The irresistible allure of bad beauty queens

By Uncle Gil   2023-09-10 09:48:12

Men, by their very nature, are hunters. The sense of danger appeals to them. That’s why they love speed that kills, guns and rough sports or bad girls.

Riggy G steals the show and hearts at wedding

By Uncle Gil   2023-11-25 13:36:31

All the ladies present wanted to have a dance with Riggy G. He ended up dancing with several honourable daughters of Mumbi and finally busted the myth that sons of Mumbi can’t dance.

No relatives for your upcoming ruracio? Hire us!

By Uncle Gil   2023-12-02 14:33:35

I am reliably informed that there are some ladies who don’t see eye to eye with their shady rural cousins. My village has enough young men who can be hired as fake cousins at short notice.

Baba Charlene is welcome to visit our home pub

By Uncle Gil   2023-12-10 14:51:14

In the same spirit, this festive season, he should visit Kenyans and see how they are doing, with several new taxes he has introduced.

When men finally turn into Santa Claus

By Uncle Gil   2023-12-18 17:01:46

If you had purposed to build yourself a house this year and haven’t done so by now, console yourself in that Jesus was practically homeless, yet we celebrate him every year.

May 2024 bring you closer to your dreams

By Uncle Gil   2024-01-07 16:03:35

Ahead lies 365 days with no mistakes in them. There are so many opportunities to live to our full potential, to repair bonds with family and friends and to make time for ourselves.

When you're at the brink, it takes courage to live on

By Uncle Gil   2024-05-15 10:40:37

No longer just another story, it held a weighty reality that I couldn’t fully grasp, as suicide has always confounded me.