Esther Muchene

How to mourn your departed loved one

By Esther Muchene   2023-07-02 14:39:06

While grief can feel overwhelming, there are ways to navigate this emotional terrain healthily

Life values to teach your children early

By Esther Muchene   2023-07-03 12:29:50

Teaching young children the art of etiquette is an invaluable gift

Do you always feel bloated? Here is why

By Esther Muchene   2023-07-04 09:59:25

Generally, bloating isn’t always a cause for alarm although sometimes it can be a sign that you need to go for a check-up urgently

Ways you can keep your house warm during this cold season

By Esther Muchene   2023-07-04 10:23:26

With the weather for two upon us, you can use these simple steps to keep your home warm and comfy

Why you should stop stalking your ex on social media

By Esther Muchene   2023-07-05 09:07:33

As embarrassing as it is to admit, people are guilty of creeping around their ex’s social media. While it might seem harmless, the consequences are very real

Signs you are not cleaning your butt properly

By Esther Muchene   2023-07-05 09:29:19

We might avoid talking about butt hygiene or even feel gross thinking about it but the truth is, it’s an important part of our everyday maintenance

How to overcome imposter syndrome

By Esther Muchene   2023-07-05 09:50:47

Dealing with constant self-doubt can suffocate you and keep you from happily progressing in your career and personal life

Skincare myths you should stop believing

By Esther Muchene   2023-07-06 09:36:43

The first step towards making sure you don’t end up ruining your skin or wasting your time is being aware of the wrong information we’ve been led to believe for years

How to build your confidence after a breakup

By Esther Muchene   2023-07-06 09:48:58

The healing process might not be so easy but, you can always manage to restore your inner happiness after heartbreak with the right tips

How you can make your home cosier

By Esther Muchene   2023-07-07 11:02:17

A house and a home are often considered to be the same but they’re actually different concepts. A home is what you create and make of your space

Five trendy accessories you should own

By Esther Muchene   2023-07-08 10:39:34

Accessories are the cherry on top of every outfit! For this style season here are a couple of interesting trending pieces that you should have in your wardrobe

Chilling connection between depression and cold

By Esther Muchene   2023-07-09 18:07:41

Yes, it is true. Cold weather and depression often go hand in hand, creating a complex interplay that can affect our mental well-being

The delicate art of co-parenting

By Esther Muchene   2023-07-09 18:22:34

Co-parenting, the art of raising children together after a separation or divorce, can be a complex and emotionally charged journey

How to baby proof your home in Kenya

By Esther Muchene   2023-07-12 09:38:05

Once your baby reaches the toddler stage where they want to pull, turn, climb and even eat everything, a baby-safe home becomes a necessity

Fashion inspiration: Azziad Nasenya

By Esther Muchene   2023-07-12 10:51:32

Azziad Nasenya is definitely a fashionista in the making and you might want to steal a couple of style secrets from her wardrobe

Face masks you can make at home

By Esther Muchene   2023-07-13 09:50:06

With increased interest in clean living and chemical-free beauty products, homemade skincare is gradually becoming a viable option

Why a breakup must be private

By Esther Muchene   2023-07-16 13:23:54

By adhering to these principles you can minimise hurt, foster a healthy transition and emerge from the breakup with grace and integrity

Managing challenging behaviour in children

By Esther Muchene   2023-07-16 13:50:49

Addressing and correcting bad behaviour in older children requires wisdom, understanding, and patience

Latest beauty accessories you should own

By Esther Muchene   2023-07-18 10:08:52

As technology improves, so do our lives. And on this list, you will find some of the latest beauty accessories you need to add to your shopping cart right away

Five ways you can style pastel tones

By Esther Muchene   2023-07-18 10:32:54

Wearing pastels can be tricky if you don't know how to combine them. You may end up looking like you're wearing worn-out clothes