George Orido

Call for regular curriculum reforms to place Africa on the competitive edge of human development

By George Orido   2023-07-25 22:07:49

Educationists have been called to provide tangible solutions to human capital formation that are required by students to meet the modern challenges that face society today.

Ruto and new team rescued CBC from the 'dustbin', says Ong'ondo

By George Orido   2023-07-26 16:57:01

KICD chief executive reveals how the president’s reforms party listened to Kenyans. Says the president was in favour of a flexible system for the learners and parents.

Education PS Kipsang assures quality in the new Open University

By George Orido   2023-07-26 20:18:24

Kipsang says the yet-to-be-accredited Open University of Kenya will maintain high-quality standards with a curriculum and the instruction like one offered in the in-person programmes.

Call for African curriculum, more ICT use as summit ends

By George Orido   2023-07-26 20:34:17

Experts unanimous on the need to harmonise curricula for easy exchange of human resources. PS Kipsang notes ICT infrastructure and developing capacity of managers and teachers needed.

Moipei sisters back in Kenya after mega highlights in US

By George Orido   2023-07-29 13:05:24

The Moipei Triplets Mary, Maggy and Marta have been rocking Broadway and winning accolades in the Cabaret circles in a fashion only comparable to the time Lupita Nyong’o won the Oscars for Africa.

US trip that inspired budding artificial intelligence firm

By George Orido   2023-08-16 17:02:18

The facility, which houses Inua AI, has IT hubs as well as a resource center to meet global demand for well-designed and produced communication products.

Good values, cultural heritage and education dominate day four at music fete

By George Orido   2023-08-16 13:12:28

Performances in the Taarab class of the festivals pushed the education theme a notch higher by singing songs in support of the girl child.

Zilizopendwa: Students reminisce on the old good days at music fete

By George Orido   2023-08-17 12:06:51

Central Kenya had Alliance High School bringing Les Wanyinka’s 'Tamaa Mbaya' in a choice that elevated the category’s spirit of never-ending innovation and creativity.

Music festival lauded for enhacing Competency Based Curriculum

By George Orido   2023-08-17 15:04:33

The festival, taking place in Nyeri, has over 600 classes or categories, most of which is dedicated for poetry, music and dance

Moi Girls Nairobi victors in new category at fete

By George Orido   2023-08-18 21:25:03

Kenya’s most trending pop group Sauti Sol ruled the airwaves at the 95th edition of the Kenyan Music Festival when not only did their single hit Suzzana win a new category for modern pop.

Music festival gala set for Nakuru

By George Orido   2023-08-22 00:53:24

Winners at the 95th edition of the annual music festival are set to perform at a gala to be held at Nakuru High.

Use social media to make money and build talent, Ruto tells Education Ministry

By George Orido   2023-08-23 21:12:50

President directs KICD to digitise production of students' performances with Permanent Presidential Music Commission changing name to National Creative Commission

Kenyatta University bags 36 trophies in impressive show of musical might

By George Orido   2023-08-27 07:17:58

Kenyatta University presented more than 40 items in the just concluded music festivals. Vice Chancellor Prof Paul Wainaina received the Best University award from President William Ruto.

Stakeholders ramp up removal of NTBs to up regional trade

By George Orido   2023-12-21 13:07:15

The regional business community has ramped up calls for the removal of trade barriers to increase intra-African trade.  

Treasury PS Kiptoo: Kenya's economic outlook promising

By George Orido   2024-01-15 11:25:50

Highlighting Kenya's resilience in the face of these challenges, Kiptoo cited the Africa Development Bank's projection of a GDP growth of 5.6 per cent in 2023 and 6.0 per cent in 2024

Hollywood firm lands in Kenya to shoot blockbuster movies

By George Orido   2024-02-15 13:55:19

The deal between Invention Studios and the Kenya government includes tax rebates, easier movement of equipment and personnel in and out of the country and unfettered logistical support.

Buru Buru Girls shine with epic play on empowerment

By George Orido   2024-03-23 22:07:38

The story broke the seams of culture and gender by letting a woman to sail and fish by herself.

Doctor's plight, child-centred plays dominate fete

By George Orido   2024-04-14 00:33:27

Plays depicted a sorry state of affairs in our public hospitals where medical personnel try their level best to deal with humongous public health and medical challenges facing Kenyans.

Drama fete reaches fever pitch as top quality plays take centre stage

By George Orido   2024-04-14 01:05:41

The moving story of Virtue Girls High School unfolded as a symbolic flower garden, meticulously tended by the wise, nurturing Madam Flora.

Mukuuni, Moi and Buruburu Girls top national drama fete

By George Orido   2024-04-16 19:59:41

Little-known school beats giants in this year's national drama festivals. There was immense talent and competition on a show as schools battled for honors.