Brenda Ogoti: Meet the designer behind My Fashion Parade


Brenda Ogoti designs simple ensembles. [Courtesy, Brenda Ogoti]

In this dynamic industry, designers are the artistes who weave together threads of inspiration, craftsmanship, and vision to bring their unique creations to life.

One such designer Brenda Ogoti is the driving force behind My Fashion Parade, a Kenyan label that has captured the hearts and imaginations of fashion enthusiasts both locally and internationally.

For Brenda, the decision to pursue a career in fashion was an organic one, fueled by a deep-rooted passion for creativity and a love for the boundless possibilities that clothing offers in terms of individuality and self-expression.

“I enjoy creating new things, and fashion offers a vast canvas for creativity and personal expression, It gives you the freedom to design unique and original outfits that echo your style and vision,” she says.

The design process at Fashion Parade is a whirlwind of inspiration and experimentation. Ideas can strike from the most unexpected sources – a stroll through town, a glimpse on Pinterest, or even a casual meal out.

Once an idea takes root, she meticulously notes it down, setting the wheels in motion for a new creation. From there, it is a collaborative effort with her skilled team of artisans, deliberating on the most suitable fabrics, styles, and techniques to bring the vision to life.

At the heart of Fashion Parade’s ethos lies a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. The designer understands the pivotal role these values play in shaping decisions across the supply chain, driving innovation, reducing environmental impact, and ensuring fair treatment of workers.

 “We ensure that our production processes adhere to ethical standards, including fair working hours and safe working conditions for our artisans, we are currently in the process of researching sustainable material suppliers in Kenya, which is proving to be a challenge. We are also exploring ways to reduce our waste by repurposing fabric scraps into creative patchwork projects,” she says.

Her style is a captivating blend of bold, vibrant elements and refined sophistication, a delicate balance of electric energy and feminine elegance. This unique aesthetic is woven into the fabric of Fashion Parade’s creations, resulting in pieces that exude a distinct sense of glamour and individuality.

While the path to success in the fashion industry is paved with challenges, the designer remains undeterred.

“It is hard, and things will continuously be tough, but that does not mean we should give up. We must stay at it, keep grinding, because on good days, the highs will compensate,” she says.

“Financial literacy and discipline are paramount, and the designer emphasizes the importance of seeking education or hiring professionals to manage this aspect of the business.”

Looking ahead, her vision for My Fashion Parade is one of global expansion and impact.

“We do not aim to mass produce; instead, we strive to reach a broader and more authentic audience that aligns with Fashion Parade’s values of quality, craftsmanship, authenticity, inclusivity, diversity, creativity, and expression,” she says.

At the core of Fashion Parade’s success lies a commitment to staying true to its unique vision and trusting in its creativity.

Designers like the force behind Fashion Parade are the architects of style, crafting garments that transcend mere clothing and become wearable works of art. Through their dedication to creativity, sustainability, and ethical practices, they are shaping the future of the industry, one stitch at a time.


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