Zuchu puts Diamond on the spot with marriage proposal at live event

Zuchu and Diamond in a past performance. (Courtesy)

Tanzanian singer Zuchu recently excited her fans after she posed a marriage question to Diamond Platnumz during a recent live performance.

The incident took place at the Pangani Kunono event held at Pangani grounds on April 16.

 Zuchu surprised Diamond and her fans by altering the lyrics of their collaborative song 'Watasubiri.'

In a video shared by Wasafi on April 17, the duo intimately danced together on stage and while exchanging looks as they sang together.

It started when Diamond changed the lyrics into their song, asking Zuchu if she would bear him a child: "Ati unanipenda mi, mmh, unanitaka pia, mmh, unaniamini, na utanizalia?" Diamond sang.

In response, Zuchu, who was sitting on Diamond’s lap sang: "Unanipenda mimi, unanitaka piaaaa... Unaioa lini? ama unanitumia?"

The unexpected question left fans excited, while Diamond appeared surprised but amused by Zuchu’s response, laughing it off on stage.

Encouraging the audience, Zuchu prompted them to chant “marry her,” putting Diamond on the spot even more.

In response to the crowd’s chant, Diamond eventually said, “Yes.”

This is not the first time Zuchu has publicly expressed doubts about their relationship.

In February, Zuchu publicly announced her decision to end her relationship with Diamond, citing disrespect as the reason for their split.

Despite their history of reconciling after disagreements, Zuchu said that she wanted the breakup to be permanent. However, she clarified that Diamond would continue to be her business partner going forward.

In response to the breakup, Diamond set aside his pride and asked forgiveness from Zuchu.

“I was advised by my brother Haji Manara to put aside my ego and travel to Zanzibar to seek forgiveness from Zuchu,” Diamond said.

“I’m not just here to perform; I’m here to chase after her. Zuhura (Zuchu), I want you to know how much I love you,” he added.



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