Rita Oyier's emotional tribute to Michael Oyier

Rita Oyier and the late Michael Oyier. (Instagram/@rita_nemayian_oyier)

Kirinyaga County Chief of Staff Rita Nemayian Oyier has shared a heartfelt letter in memory of the late journalist Michael Oyier.

Rita took to her Instagram to post a photo of herself with Michael, reminiscing about the good times they had together.

In her letter, Rita addressed the confusion that arose from their similar surnames, with many people wondering if she was Michael's sister or wife due to the shared name.

“I hope this little letter finds you at peace. You left me answering this all the time everywhere question that we have laughed over for 20 years! Are you Michaels Sister... Or are you his wife? What is in a name though?” Rita started the letter.

Rita described Michael as someone who held many broken hearts, speaking to them with patience, calmness, and truthfulness, even when delivering difficult truths.

“You did well man, so proud of you, your faithfulness, your honesty. How you walked with a wise bare soul always reflecting and speaking your truth. You remained kind in this harsh world and a gentleman where roughnecks rule. And by being so you allowed us to choose you and keep you,” she continued.

She fondly recalled moments of laughter and shared experiences, from youthful excitement to the challenges of adulthood and parenthood.

“There was nothing we could not laugh over from when I was a 'blazing ball of fire' permanently wearing jeans with my spiky baby locks, to when I was a heartbroken mother, to when I was an ambitious grown woman. And from when you tried not to break hearts and sometimes failed miserably, to when you had to work through careers and being a present amazing dad. You laughed at me, I laughed at you, we refused to count babies and we held onto the purity of love,” she said.

Adding: “You were always there and always journeyed to where I was. There was nowhere that was too far for you to come. And that you did despite anything you were going through. And for many others too.”

Rita signed off her letter with a couple of love emojis saying, “So we go on Mike. With you. Not a moment without you. Loudly Loved forever by all of us who shared this name that you carried with pride and honour.”

Michael Oyier passed away on April 20, 2024, while undergoing treatment at Nairobi Hosipital. He will be laid to rest on May 1st, 2024, in Homa Bay County.

A requiem mass will be held on April 29th at All Saints Cathedral Church in Nairobi to allow friends, family, and relatives to pay their final respects.

To assist with the hospital bills and other funeral expenses, a fundraiser will take place at All Saints Cathedral on April 26th. This event aims to support the financial needs left behind by Michael's passing.



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