One on One with US-based Arbantone singer Bryo Mwas

Bryo Mwas. [Courtesy]

Bryo Mwas is creating a distinct sound, thanks to his expertly blended energy of Afrobeats with the vibes of Arbantone.

His music reflects a rich heritage and a global perspective, drawing inspiration from the diverse soundscapes he has encountered throughout his life.

Mwas, a self-described "avid music listener," credits his Kenyan upbringing to his deep appreciation for Arbantone, a genre heavily influenced by Genge and Dancehall.

However, his musical curiosity extends far beyond his roots. The global explosion of Afrobeats, with its Caribbean roots, captivated him, inspiring him to experiment with its vibrant rhythms.

Genre bender

"I have delved into various genres over the years. Growing up in Kenya, I was immersed in the sounds of Genge and Dancehall, which heavily influence Arbantone. The global rise of Afrobeats, with its roots in Caribbean music, intrigued me and inspired me to delve into its rhythms," he says. 

This fusion of influences is evident in each of his tracks.

Songs like Darubini and Champion showcase his versatility, offering unique pieces that carry powerful messages. Champion, in particular, holds a special place in his heart. "It is a deeply personal and motivational anthem," he says.

"It reminds me to persevere and stay focused on my goals." The song's lyrics resonate with themes of resilience and determination, a testament to the maxim that hard work paves the path to success.

Success story

The success of Champion is undeniable, with over 80,000 views and a growing fanbase. For Mwas, the positive response is a humbling validation. "Witnessing the audience connect with my music reaffirms my belief in the power of storytelling through song," he says.

The inspiration for Champion stemmed from the encouragement he received from his listeners, a testament to the power of community and shared experience.

His music is a love letter to his Kenyan heritage. Despite being based in the US, Kenya's influence largely dictates his works.

He infuses his music with Kenyan sounds aiming to showcase the richness and diversity of his culture to a global audience.

Looking ahead, he assures his fans that they should expect an evolution of his sound. "The journey ahead is filled with exciting musical endeavours," he says.

Going Forward

He teases a fusion of genres, further highlighting his artistic versatility. Fans can also look forward to a collaborative project with Arbantone legend Mr Tennor, a partnership that promises to ignite the airwaves with their vibrant synergy.

Additionally, Mwas plans to introduce the captivating rhythms of Dembow to the Kenyan and African music scene, further expanding and pushing the boundaries of contemporary African music.


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