Benjamin Imende

Cabinet travel budget hurts Kenya's struggling economy

By Benjamin Imende   2023-11-14 15:07:37

CSs were dispatched to different counties to participate in the tree-planting initiative, raising concerns about the efficient use of public resources.

Samsung's SmartThings app transforms homes into seamless spaces

By Benjamin Imende   2023-11-14 20:15:40

This innovative application seamlessly connects and manages all household appliances, allowing homeowners to control their living spaces effortlessly from the comfort of their couch.

Deceptive looks: Beauties who rule multi-million phone theft syndicate

By Benjamin Imende   2023-11-21 06:10:06

In a country where hundreds of phones are stolen on a daily basis, this is turning into a lucrative illegal business in which criminals make hundreds of thousands on each stolen phone.

Online romance: Love, deception, and digital drama

By Benjamin Imende   2023-11-18 05:07:38

While many individuals find love and fulfilment online, there is a dark side that must not be ignored. Online connections can sometimes mask the true intentions of those involved.

Don't snoop on your partner's phone, Ruto urges couples

By Benjamin Imende   2023-11-24 11:06:43

President Ruto pointed out the potential negative impact of scrutinising a partner's personal devices, warning that such behaviour could lead to psychological distress and unnecessary break-ups.

The Mob: How Italian Mafia fuels organised crime in Kenya

By Benjamin Imende   2023-11-27 03:47:36

Asian groups are involved in Kenya’s drug and fauna trafficking markets and money laundering schemes, while West Africans are involved in cocaine trafficking, the report said

How Ali Kiba's transgressions expose the intricacies of cheating in marriage

By Benjamin Imende   2023-12-01 04:34:41

Amina criticized the father of her two sons. She accused him of keeping her trapped in a loveless marriage while he continues to engage with other women on the side.

Navigating the holiday storm: Families struggle amid tough economic times

By Benjamin Imende   2023-12-01 20:52:55

Behind the festive decorations and the anticipation of family gatherings lies a feeling of despair as many families grapple with economic challenges that threaten to dim their holiday spirit.

Ruto seeks to consolidate power by proposing sweeping law changes

By Benjamin Imende   2023-12-08 00:02:35

President William Ruto has published the National Government Administration Laws (Amendment) Bill 2023.

Big fights, tough demands that stalled long-awaited UDA polls

By Benjamin Imende   2023-12-08 19:12:33

As the battle to succeed Ruto intensifies, a faction of young parliamentarians wants two more deputy party positions created to water down Gachagua’s influence in UDA.

Car theft syndicate targeting Prados crops up in Nairobi

By Benjamin Imende   2023-12-19 06:46:49

Within the same five days, other vehicles were stolen across the country, forming part of a syndicate where tracking systems are disabled, and the cars are sold both locally and abroad.

Bishop Kiuna: God provided Sh460 million for my cancer treatment

By Benjamin Imende   2023-12-19 06:43:23

Kiuna said he incurred a staggering cost of Sh460 million during his treatment. Despite the astronomical amount, the entire cost was miraculously covered, requiring no personal contribution.

Concerns over safety after four KDF aircraft crashes in 11 months

By Benjamin Imende   2023-12-19 10:26:36

The frequency of these incidents has raised concerns within the aviation industry. Officials knowledgeable about military operations attribute these incidents to servicing concerns and pilot fatigue.

IG rejects peer pressure to marry second wife, shift to Karen

By Benjamin Imende   2023-12-21 09:16:06

"They told me now that I am in charge of police funds, I should marry a younger wife and move to Karen because my current wife is a bit old."

Church leaders turn against Ruto amid economic crisis

By Benjamin Imende   2023-12-22 08:03:18

"When politicians want to propagate their agenda, they say the church and politics are one. When the church becomes tough on them, they say do the church thing and leave politics to us,”

Ruto goes for Uhuru men as State capture commission to be formed

By Benjamin Imende   2023-12-26 20:29:29

Although Azimio terms it a tool for witch-hunt, Ichung’wah says the commission will look into last year’s polls, cases of extrajudicial killings, and economic manipulation

Inside Ruto's data-driven health reforms

By Benjamin Imende   2024-01-04 13:09:06

These reforms, based on the data collected, focus on healthcare infrastructure, human resources, institutional capacity, and healthcare financing.

Starlet Wahu's tragic tale of fame, faith and consequences

By Benjamin Imende   2024-01-15 18:09:19

Wahu’s mother Lucy Nduta was jailed for claiming to cure HIV and Aids using miracles. Her brother Victor Kanyari raised controversy for asking Sh310 to pray for miracles.

Cabinet approves sale of Development Bank, prime hotels

By Benjamin Imende   2024-02-15 14:09:17

The privatization of DBK comes after the bank successfully transitioned into a fully-fledged deposit-taking commercial bank regulated by the CBK.

Ruto creates 16 new sub-counties, divisions and locations

By Benjamin Imende   2024-02-15 20:47:21

Prof Kindiki said that the creation of new divisions is set to streamline administrative processes and cater to the growing needs of the population.