Diana Makokha

Life begins at 40, it's pure bliss!

By Diana Makokha   2023-07-02 17:22:08

Less ego, more love. Also, take risks. Faster. Stronger. Smarter. More humble and kind. Do everything according to your values and what you believe.

Truly life begins at 40, it's pure bliss!

By Diana Makokha   2023-07-05 17:27:10

There’s always that part of a human, a woman, that still wants to be clingy and forever young, yet we can’t remain young forever, can we?

Five red flags waving at Nairobi men

By Diana Makokha   2023-07-07 10:32:11

Just like women who play wifey roles, there are men who play husband roles to women who will never settle. Here are the red flags you should never ignore

Date Nairobians at your own risk

By Diana Makokha   2023-07-30 11:05:04

Someone who cries of a heartbreak in this city, in 2023, is a newbie. Sit down and go through the Nairobi manual, Magarita!

Does life truly begin at 40?

By Diana Makokha   2023-07-20 10:35:55

Fourty is a big deal, especially for a woman. The transition period is a whole roller coaster full of mixed emotions

Who does he love more: GOAT wife or side chick?

By Diana Makokha   2023-07-24 16:12:11

The bottom line is, you’re all loved.

Why you should never marry down

By Diana Makokha   2023-07-28 11:50:48

Of all the things that we should make peace with, at least by now, is that a woman should always date up, marry up

Why we need a 'Beba Beba' husband market

By Diana Makokha   2023-08-09 13:03:26

A market for husbands will ensure every child has its father present because the women would have chosen the qualities they want in partners.

Stop feeling guilty about quitting a failed relationship

By Diana Makokha   2023-10-21 12:48:35

If you feel like he can’t, or isn’t ‘bringing something to the table’, leave. You don’t owe anyone any explanation. We will understand, the world must understand.

Watch out sis: Nairobi men are the real gold-diggers

By Diana Makokha   2023-08-22 13:29:03

You expect him to spoil you but instead, he wants to come and spend at yours stretching his scaly legs on your couch and wrapping arms around you with his hairy armpits.

Monogamy is dead!

By Diana Makokha   2023-08-27 10:46:49

We are (un)fortunately having more and more affairs than ever, and before the men reading this get comfortable, women are smarter at doing this.

Sexual spark in marriages is at zero

By Diana Makokha   2023-09-01 09:15:39

Sex drought has badly hit marriages. It remains the greatest source of frustration among married couples who are supposed to be enjoying it

Married couples are not having sex

By Diana Makokha   2023-09-02 15:31:20

Marriage is nowadays more like a trial app, cosmetic, where people get together for family, the church and the public. It’s rarely about love and companionship like it’s meant to be.

Your man owes you loyalty, not his side chick

By Diana Makokha   2023-09-07 23:34:51

Until the day we start holding them accountable for their actions and stop blaming the other woman for mistakes committed by a man who knows what he’s doing, they will still win this game.

Nairobi is one big bedroom

By Diana Makokha   2023-09-15 16:19:39

‘Nairobi...yule anakupea, pia ananipea akikuletea, ananiletea.’

Don't allow your man to cheat in peace

By Diana Makokha   2023-10-15 15:11:03

Most men who have calm women for wives are very randy. They have perfected their ways of philandering and mastered the art of “outside catering”.

Singles are having more sex than married couples

By Diana Makokha   2023-10-23 11:28:34

No questions, no plans, no dates, and flowers and bars of chocolates. Just steamy random sex at the touch of a button and drop off some pin.

It is alright to date your friend's ex

By Diana Makokha   2023-11-01 01:11:08

We shouldn’t die of loneliness just because a friend broke up with someone who has started loving us. No one knows where they’d find their soulmate and if my girl finds one in my ex, why not?

Bofficefriend: Monday to Friday lover

By Diana Makokha   2023-11-03 09:08:36

To think that there's another man out there who knows your wife and spends more time with her than you do is something no man wants to imagine

Yes, your wife has a work husband

By Diana Makokha   2023-11-04 10:46:33

Office boyfriends literally carry the day, and carry your women also! The innocent flirts are deeper than you think.