Aloys Michael

Transport ministry targets to plant 30 million trees

By Aloys Michael   2023-11-13 19:06:25

So far, the State Department for Roads has planted 415,000 trees, while the State Department for Transport has managed 16,100 trees.

Photo gallery showcasing the evolution of Nairobi

By Aloys Michael   2023-11-22 11:50:40

Nairobi has unveiled a photo gallery at the Global Trade Centre (GTC) Towers offering a captivating visual journey through the history of Kenya’s capital from the 1800s.

Murkomen warns motorists against driving through flooded roads

By Aloys Michael   2023-11-29 18:32:13

Roads and Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen has warned motorists against driving on flooded roads during the ongoing heavy rains.

Supkem says dialogue report was anti-climax

By Aloys Michael   2023-12-03 21:19:37

Supkem Chairman Hassna Ole Naado said the cost of living ought to have been prioritised.

Same sex unions are evil and against our culture and Constitution, says clergy

By Aloys Michael   2023-12-11 09:55:51

LGBTQ is a foreign culture which some people want to impose on us. The church is on record condemning the ruling by the court. We have asked them, again and again, to reconsider their ruling.

LSK concerned over Ruto threat on housing levy

By Aloys Michael   2023-12-19 07:14:28

The society reminded Ruto to uphold the rule of law and remain vigilant. LSK and Omtattah are among petitioners who have filed cases challenging housing levy.

Airbnb murders: Police yet to find suspect in the death of woman

By Aloys Michael   2024-01-15 18:08:46

The woman was stabbed and chopped in an apartment along TRM Drive. According to police reports, the woman checked into the Airbnb located within Roysambu with a man.

EACC accuses counties of laxity in graft war

By Aloys Michael   2024-01-23 21:01:02

EACC has accused county governments of failing to seal graft loopholes, leading to pilferage of public resources.

Living on the edge: Harsh realities of poverty in slums

By Aloys Michael   2024-02-14 19:49:38

The poverty levels are increasing day in and day out with the middle class now feeling the pain as a result of numerous taxes introduced by the Kenya Kwanza regime.