Ainea Bolingo

Your dress is your choice, but always consider the potential risks

By Ainea Bolingo   2023-07-06 12:30:38

When it comes to dressing one will say my dress my choice, which I totally agree with, but one has also to consider what the consequences of that are.

Ageing parents deserve affection and attention even amidst family feuds

By Ainea Bolingo   2023-08-10 16:34:17

Nothing can rival the importance of family in one’s life. It baffles me to witness elderly parents struggling or engaging in menial work while their children lead ordinary lives.

Ageing parents deserve affection and attention

By Ainea Bolingo   2023-08-11 13:05:02

Let’s prioritise the well-being of our ageing parents and offer them the affection and attention they deserve, especially during their final days

Make peace with your past and laugh at your mistakes

By Ainea Bolingo   2023-08-25 08:23:13

“No one is wealthy enough to reclaim their childhood and youth. Only friends can help recreate those moments from time to time”

Fear of a 'toxic' label should not deter parents from disciplining their children

By Ainea Bolingo   2023-09-02 11:46:51

Modern youth now label their parents as “toxic.” They describe such parents as those who perpetually undermine their children’s self-worth

Fear of 'toxic' label should not deter parents from disciplining children

By Ainea Bolingo   2023-09-03 14:11:10

Modern youth now label their parents as “toxic.” They describe such parents as those who perpetually undermine their children’s self-worth, offering love only when it aligns with their interests.

A man has no business starting a family before 32

By Ainea Bolingo   2023-09-07 14:51:18

The path to success in marriage lies in men taking their time to achieve financial stability, thereby alleviating a significant portion of the challenges that beset unions.

Harsh economy will force Kenyans to buckle up

By Ainea Bolingo   2023-09-25 01:12:01

The notion that every child will come with their own plate should be reconsidered. It's essential to ensure you can provide a comfortable life for the number of children you decide to have.

Men's well-being: Navigating the challenges and responsibilities of life

By Ainea Bolingo   2023-10-12 09:50:16

Many men are bombarded with multiple responsibilities on a daily basis, and as a result they struggle with mental health issues in silence

Why it is becoming harder for many Kenyan men to date

By Ainea Bolingo   2023-10-27 10:18:26

It is true that you need money to have a girlfriend, but ladies should also be patient with the boy child as he tries to build himself up

Men cannot respect women who ask for money from strangers

By Ainea Bolingo   2023-10-30 02:01:48

A man usually questions, if the lady starts unleashing her problems when they are not even one week old what happens if you decide to have a relationship with her or marry her?

King Charles visit a reminder of last time he toured Buru Buru

By Ainea Bolingo   2023-11-03 15:47:27

The King's second visit in 1987 was particularly memorable. During that trip, he explored Buru Buru estate, a place of pride for my childhood family.

Christmas holiday is never the same when you're in your 50s

By Ainea Bolingo   2023-11-24 17:42:26

As we entered adulthood, especially in our 40s and 50s, a shift occurred, and we rediscovered the traditional foods we once disliked.

Farewell 8-4-4, a flawed but beautiful experience

By Ainea Bolingo   2023-11-29 15:49:49

The intention was noble - mirroring international school systems and fostering vocational education. However, the execution faltered with an overwhelming array of subjects.

Don't be alone, spend time with family this Christmas as you always did before

By Ainea Bolingo   2023-12-23 14:26:38

What’s going on, this spirit of Alone on Christmas?” We might blame it on the economy but again people used to make sure they travel to be with family

Train your kids on the dangers of using earphones, especially when outdoors

By Ainea Bolingo   2024-01-03 16:25:52

As a society we should train our kids on the dangers of using earphones especially outside and dangers of putting high volume when in use

Bring back the Uhuru Park family bonding days this new year

By Ainea Bolingo   2024-01-05 14:56:37

It was nice to see many families going in and out of the park. All over the world parks are important and are good for family bonding.