Bring back the Uhuru Park family bonding days this new year


Most of us take holidays for granted unlike our friends in the first world who know that holiday is a necessity and helps the body get the necessary rest, which is healthy.

What we tend to forget is that the body is a vessel that we were given by our Creator and maintaining it usually leads to long and healthy life.

That is the reason why I usually encourage the younger generation to learn to invest in their health at a younger age. They should learn the habit of exercising and paying for their insurance so that it becomes the norm.

As I was passing by Uhuru Park I was pleased to see that it was finally opened the public during this festive season.

It was also nice to see the government had posted traffic policemen along the areas where mwananchi were crossing Uhuru Highway to and from the park. I also noticed there was a contingent of armed policemen patrolling the area to help in security.

It was nice to see many families going in and out of the park. All over the world parks are important and are good for family bonding. That is usually the rare occasion where you see the whole family walking together and even the father helping to carry one of the young family members. I really appreciate seeing a family together as I came from a background of family. My parents started from a humble beginning but they worked hard and made sure we got what was basic and got to enjoy some of the family outings.

Visiting Uhuru park when I was young with the family was a norm. We used to go there on Sunday afternoon, do a boat ride and have a small picnic as we bond. Through the bonding my parents especially my mother was able to detect any change of character. The Asian community embraces the family outing and make it like a weekend routine. One will find that it is only on that occasion that they even use the big family vehicle. Even when they go for evening walks as a form of exercise they prefer doing it as a form of family outing.

I am hoping the future generation realises family is the most important unit and being together for outings makes the bonds strong. I know many prefer going out for a drink with friends but what they don’t remember is that family comes first.


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